Sunday, March 6, 2011

Where Oh Where.....(NOVEMBER UPDATE)

......have we been?  My last post was "sick day" and then I disappeared.  First of all, we're fine, thank you for those who wrote and wondered what had happened.   Long story short, all is well, great actually!

November we found ourselves in the midst of family celebrations for Thanksgiving.  Ma decided finally that it was time for her to move and she gave us her blessing for buying the wonderful little farmhouse she so enjoyed all these years.

So we spent Thanksgiving Day in a house that was almost all packed up, except for the dining room table and chairs, the china, and, of course, a kitchen full of food.  We had a wonderful dinner, as seen here!  Lots of wonderful food, Turkey, Dressing, too many sides to count, homemade rolls, pies, cakes, and more, it was an incredible memory we will always cherish.

We spent the rest of Thanksgiving Day packing and loading the van, instead of Football and Parades.  But it was all fun.  A little bittersweet, but still enjoyable.  While we were there, one of Houston's infamous weather changes came via a cold went from a balmy 75 degrees and humid, to upper 40's and windy.  The cold reenergized us and we got her all loaded up.

The following morning, Ma, her son that came to help, a U-haul full of furniture, a dog, a cat, and a thousand memories, all headed to Florida.  We went out to visit the house and check on things the following week and the house seemed so empty.  But we're looking forward to the next chapter in it's history as we put our own stamp on it and make it ours.

But first, we need to close.....

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