Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On the Fence.....a White Picket Fence

Well, Mortgage Broker tells me I should hear from the Title Company ANY day now.  Of course, I'm sure they'll tell me, "yeah, everything is fine, your closing is set for two weeks from now", and then I'll go crazy!  I'd rather get a call from them and have them say "yeah, everything is fine, your closing is set for tomorrow morning!" 

So, instead of continually worrying about it, let's chat about something fun.  Fences!

Picket fence around an herb garden
Picket fence in a front yard

Like these kinds of fences!

I really like the look, it is old school "americana" and that's sort of what style we are going for out there. We've tossed around the idea of more rustic type of fence and that could still win out in the end.  But for now, since the house is an old farmhouse, we just want to make it all look like it's connected.  The property is big enough to have them all over, but that might be overkill.  I'd like one just out the steps by the back door, or at least near the kitchen off the front porch, to grow herbs in.  Something close by, so that 2nd Man can just step outside and gather some fresh herbs for dinner.  Or lunch.  Or breakfast.  You get the picture.  We've got herbs in the city now, they are in clay pots and they do well, but the clay pot keeps them constrained and they never grow to their full potential. 

The second type of fenced garden I'd like to have, is a cutting garden, a place to gather fresh flowers.  Nothing like growing your own.  Have you priced cut flowers in the store?  They can get pricey.  And there is truly nothing prettier than a multitude of colors cascading down, over, and around, a white fence.  I've found a lot of great ideas for that I'll share in future postings. 

Then of course we'll need a veggie garden.  It will be big enough that it will have to be located away from the house (so it doesn't have to take up the entire front yard) and we think we've identified the perfect spot.  6-8 hours of sun, wide open space, nice and flat, doesn't flood when it rains, it will be nice.  I intend on doing raised beds in the garden.  Raised bed gardening is wonderful fun and makes life so much easier for the average gardener.  I'll be posting a lot in the future on this topic (or two) as well. 

Before I wander too far off topic, let's get back to fencing (no not the sport!).  You might wonder why we have to fence the garden?  Well, when living in the country, you have all sorts of creatures roaming around, both day and night.  Stray cats, neighbor's dogs, rabbits, squirrels, opossums, even a coyote or two (or so I've heard).  I realize to keep everything out, we might need a completely covered garden, but then you just move into the land of tacky, ha.  I think a nice picket fence will deter most creatures.  I may change that as time goes by, and freak out the first time something comes in and eats our produce, we'll just have to see what happens, or should I say, "WHO" happens.....

Beautiful picket fence vegetable garden

Another garden, more freestyle than I'd like but still white fence and pretty!
Here are two more pictures of almost exactly what I imagined in my head.  The top one is most like what we want, and they both even look to be about the same size as we'd like to have.  Notice they put chicken wire on the inside of the fence in the first picture?  I would assume that's to keep out the smaller creatures who might slip between the pickets.  Just love the whole look of this, even the arbor style entrance.

The green grass around the outside is a nice contrast to the white of the fence.  I'm not sure I'll be able to make the area around where we want to put ours that green, but trying is half the fun, right?   

So that's a glimpse, hopefully, into the come on Title Company, you're killing us here!

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