Wednesday, March 23, 2011

When it Rains it Pours

Well, one day things are down, then they're today, they are back down.  Seems like now they need more detailed information on the furnace in the house.  It's been there for 10 years, it just wasn't hooked up for the inspection.  Now they are wanting to know that it works.  Problem is, since it hasn't been hooked up, not sure if it will  work.  Really, do we need to worry about heat when it's 85 degrees here now and will be for most of the rest of the year?

I know, you could argue that "well they need to make sure it's working before the next winter comes" but I could also unhook everything 2 mins after we close and won't have it hooked up for next winter anyway.  Not sure why this should affect the closing, especially when Winter is so far away now.

It's one of those things on the priority list, for once we move in, but still, I don't understand why it must be done now.

We're working on all options at this point.  Still looks like this might be the last major stumbling block; I've already gotten a shared well agreement and that should be ok, so this could be the last thing I have to deal with.  You'd think we were buying a million dollar property.  Sigh.

I hope this is the last issue, otherwise I might have all my hair turn white, instead of the few that already have...

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