Friday, August 8, 2014


Hobart the Cat sleeping in
Oh Hobart, if only....we love those lazy days when the cats snooze with us...or since they sleep 90% of the time, are we snoozing with them?  Ha.  

As soon as we are up, he's in the spot and sprawling out.  And of course, we can't make the bed, that wouldn't be fair.  Right?  Um, yeah, right...good excuse reason not to make the bed.

More later this afternoon!


Velva said...

There is a old saying…"dogs have masters, cats have wait staff"
Have a great weekend.


Texas Rose said...

Hobart looks sooo comfy - and so cute!
I have to make my bed immediately or else my cats do the same thing.

Hope y'all can catch some nice cat-naps this weekend!

S'A said...

He looks like he's thinking "Move me--I dare you!"

1st Man said...

Oh I absolutely believe that! ha. We are definitely their 'staff', ha. Hope you had a great weekend!!

1st Man said...

Nice cat nap today. Got some rain in town and at the farm so that was nice.

1st Man said...

I like that!! I should have used that, ha. Thanks!!