Saturday, August 30, 2014


For those new to the blog, 2nd Family is the daughter, son in law and granddaughter of "Ma" that we bought the house from.  I've known them for more than 25 years and so we both consider them like having our own "2nd Family".  They live on a piece of property that is at the front end of ours.  We actually share the first part of the driveway from the road.  

Anyway, we stayed in town today because of the weather (rained but not at the farm, go figure) and just a few minutes ago, I received this picture in my email:

They found these cute guys in their yard!

At first, they had no idea where they came from...until they called the guy who owns the property next to both of us.  He had them at his pond but left them alone overnight and not fenced in, so they wandered off.  They spent the better part of a day wandering through heavy brush across several acres.  

2nd Family agreed to take care of them in their duck area (they have two grown ducks already).  They made a separate space in the duck pen and went to get additional supplies...they are awesome people like that.  Their pen is safe from predators and they can't escape, not to mention they'll be showered with love and attention.  They came to the right place, ha.  Next time we go out, I'll have to make sure to get some new pictures.

Never a dull moment!


  1. they are beautiful, the markings and the color of their beaks!

    1. Not having ever been around baby ducks, I didn't know if those markings were common but when I saw the picture I thought the same thing, neat markings and their beaks are really pretty. I'm sure that would be an easy way to identify them, not sure what breed they are.

  2. They are guaranteed to steal your heart - just as the ones who adopted us did ;)

  3. awwww...they are so cute and they found a good home!

  4. I think (maybe) these are Whistling Ducks...
    Fun birds,they like to perch in trees and make a "Feee-feee" call

  5. Aww, how cute! I am glad they were rescued, because without their parents..I hate to think what would become of them!

  6. Soooo cute! I wonder what breed they are.


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