Thursday, August 14, 2014


White table and chairs, image courtesy of
Regular readers know that we have an affinity for outdoor dining spaces.  With just over 10 acres, we have many potential outdoor dining areas, but that's not on our immediate planning list of things to do.  Still, it doesn't hurt to dream and keep a record of things we see and like.  This is no different.  Just a small white table in a little patch of clearing, some pretty tulips springing up, the nice greenery around it all...just a comfy, nice little set up.  Who wouldn't want a breakfast or lunch here?

I'm actually clearing a spot behind a large tree near the house and the clearing it not too dissimilar from this...minus the tulips of course.  Still, it's something I keep in the back of my head as I'm mowing and cutting back brush.  

Someday! (soon!)

Be inspired!


  1. I love the look of this - so inviting yet pretty easy to accomplish. The perfect kind of project!

  2. We have chairs and bench seats positioned all over the property and we have names for the spots like 'the cafe' and 'the memorial garden' (when ever someone close passes we plant a bird loving tree in a special garden) or 'the hilltop'. When we are having a cuppa or want lunch alfresco we then choose a spot. Lunch and cuppa time is never a quick thing! We pick the chairs up cheap from the tip shop so it doesn't matter if they degenerate in the weather.

  3. I love the idea of outdoor dining as well. It just seems that it is usually too hot, cold windy or buggy! Lol

  4. It is lovely to dream & store in "data base"!!
    I love eating outside but the only problem here when the weather gets warm are the pesky flies!!


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