Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Recently, we had a quick but satisfying snack using the last tomatoes from the garden.  We sliced up a tomato (one for each of us) and put it on a plate with some oyster crackers we had on hand.  Of course we had to sprinkle it with some kosher salt, and ate a slice or two just to 'test it out' of course.

Then we added some cracked black pepper, drizzled some olive oil over the top and sprinkled it all with some fresh shredded mozzarella.  

Tomato and cracker snack
It was delicious and hit the spot!

That got us to wondering...what is your favorite simple snack?  Something you just throw together in a few minutes and enjoy it like it was the best meal you've ever had?


  1. Oh, that looks so good. I wish my tomatoes would start to ripen. I'm dying up here, I tell ya!!

    My favorite "simple" snack---homemade trail mix. Have you guys ever ordered from Holy smokes--their stuff is FRESH. I went there searching for organic walnuts......and found too many goodies. Now I make up my own trail mix--with just the things I truly love. No more stale stuff from the store.

  2. Well it depends. Right now I snack on fresh peaches. Other times rye bread with melted cheddar. Sometimes pistachios. Yum.

  3. 1st and 2nd Man - your tomatoe and cracker snack is right up our alley! it looks deelish and we do similar snacks. but my absolute favourite and quick snack - just a handfull of peas and beans from the garden, we don't even bother washing them - bahahahahah! and salt is just too much bother!!! yep, just a handfull to sit on the step with and eat some yummy produce from the garden!

    much love to you both! your friend,

  4. It does look delicious!!!! My favorite snack would have to be fresh crusty bread and butter. Very, very basic but oh how good. If I'am craving something sweet I like cucombers from my garden dipped in honey. Happy gardening!

  5. Fried eggs on English muffins drizzled with Worcestershire Sauce. If we are feeling really decadent we add a slice of ham and cheese. The egg has to be runny.

  6. Those tomatoes look awesome - nothing tastier than home grown tomatoes!

    My favorite snack at the moment is cucumber, just as it is, unpeeled, no salt. Our cucumbers are just starting (picked the first two today), so I'll have lots to snack on for a while anyway.

  7. In summer my favourite is fresh home grown tomatoes. Last year I had Tom Thumbs growing & would just eat them as I picked them. DH does not like bought tomatoes, no flavour.

  8. Those are such gorgeous tomatoes! What variety are they?
    This looks delicious - I gotta try your tomato snack recipe!

    For a snack in summer - fresh-picked little yellow pear tomatoes - yum! Or a nice wedge of local-grown ice-cold watermelon - so refreshing on a hot afternoon!

  9. 1st Man,

    Fresh sliced tomatoes, basil (both from the garden of course), fresh sliced mozzarella cheese, with drizzled olive oil, salt, and pepper. I love this as a snack or even a meal!!!! Maybe with a glass of wine??

    1. +100 to Sweet Sandy - she's right on the money!

  10. what you prepared would be just fine, a perfect snack! The taste of summer for sure,

  11. For a snack I will get some fruit (cherries right now), maybe a spoon of peanut butter or cheese, and some nuts. Tomato would make a good snack.


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