Sunday, October 5, 2014


It was a beautiful weekend, no complaints there.

Got the shelves cut and put up.  I tried to get a picture but since it's inside and to the side of a closet, there wasn't an easy way to get a photograph.  But that was a sense of accomplishment, albeit a small one.

Next, there was a burn pile to burn.  Yep, that was a first for us.  

Then 2nd Family came to move a shed that belonged to Ma.  We didn't know they were doing that this weekend but the weather was so nice it seemed the right time for them.  We helped with that and got some of our stuff out.  It was all good, we didn't want the shed and they needed it.  Pay it forward, right?

Then I crawled around under the house and sealed up some small gaps. No worries to those of out there imagining a dark, damp scary place.  The house sits up about 2 1/2 feet so it's light and dry and easy to slid around under...not so scary and easy to get to things underneath. 

  Tomorrow I'll have an extensive post about the major time consuming part of the day.  Got on the computer a bit late tonight to get the post all together in time.  The garden weeds will be there next weekend, no worries about that. 

See ya tomorrow!


Delores said...

Weeds will never let you down.

Texas Rose said...

Beautiful photo from the farm. I can almost hear the mockingbirds singing and feel the fresh country air!

Gail said...

Maybe you were not alone under that house??

Sorry! Still smiling.

Sandy said...

1st Man,

Did you run into critters under the house? Be safe!!!

1st Man said...

Amen to THAT, ha!!

1st Man said...

There WERE mockingbirds singing!!!! You know your countryside, that's for sure.

1st Man said...

"I always feel like, somebody's watching meeeee....." Ha.

Hey, if my words bring a smile to someone's face, that in turn brings ME a smile. Nothing wrong with that!!

1st Man said...

Nope, all was clear (a few small spiders but nothing bad). THANK GOODNESS!!!