Sunday, October 26, 2014


The Farmhouse
Got to the farm and it was a beautiful day, clear and cool...

That didn't last long...

By late afternoon, it was in the upper 80's.  In the full sun outside, the car after sitting there for the day, was showing 104 degrees as the outside temperature. Of course that's the heat of the metal and reflected heat around the sensor, but when we're out in the yard trying to do stuff, it was the same feeling on us.  It's supposed to be Fall!  Needless to say, not a LOT of outside stuff got done.  

While I was outside roaming around, checking the property, this big guy came by to visit.

He is the neighbor's dog (the neighbor to the East of us).  At first I thought he was perhaps a new member of 2nd Family's animals but they said he roams over from time to time.  He was SO sweet and SO well behaved.  I walked and he followed along beside me, looking up at me and when I stopped, he sat down.  Then I tested him and walked around some more, he followed me and would stop and sit every time.  He was a good boy!  He also had the cutest kiss face.  He always looked happy.  After an hour or so, he roamed back home.

Before we left, 2nd Family stopped by and gave us a couple dozen eggs from their chickens.  Some good eats are coming this week!

Farm fresh eggs
It was a good weekend, more updates in the coming days.  Time to go eat now.  We hope you had a great weekend doing what makes you happy!


  1. aren't fresh eggs the best. they make me sooo happy!

  2. Those are some beautiful eggs - love all the colors! Really nice of 2nd Family!

    Cute neighbor-dog! Tell him to come by every day and keep your bathroom-creature gone for good!

  3. What cute dog!!! But you know I am a sucker for animals, lol! That is very generous of 2nd family. What are you planning to make with all those eggs? I vote for a fritatta! lol

    We had great weekend. Decent weather. We grilled out and of course did more work on the kitchen.

  4. Your place is looking woderful :)

    Are you going to get a dog where you are living there?

  5. Fresh eggs,you sooo lucky! The place looks great! Isn't nice to have that and knowing you can relax there? Such a cute pup,he does look friendly.

  6. 1st Man,

    What a gorgeous, well trained dog.

    You and 2nd Man will enjoy those fresh eggs. The fresh eggs totally beat store bought eggs.....Enjoy!!!

    Hugs to you and Second Man.

  7. No critter in the bathroom adventures this weekend?


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