Sunday, October 5, 2014


Spare Our Trees, vintage poster image, courtesy of US Library of Congress
This poster image is a neat one.  It comes from the WPA (Work Project Administration) circa 1938, during the Dust Bowl period of the United States.  The point was that trees were (and of course ARE) so important to the environment.  This push was to get people to stop removing/cutting down trees, to 'spare them'.  In fact, the loss of native trees is in part, what contributed to making the dust bowl so bad.  

Of course even today, some 75 years later, this poster is just as relevant.  We do all need to spare our trees, save our trees and plant our trees.

Hope you are having a good weekend.  I'll have another update later tonight and for those of you worried about yesterday's post, all is good, just unexpected things we had to do at the farm that didn't let us do as much on the list as we had planned/hoped.


Laurie M said...

that is a beautiful poster, the graphics are beautiful, I'm glad everything is OK

FionaG said...

Unexpected things? My forte for that sort of thing is busting a water pipe on a Sunday. It happens when making new garden beds and unfortunately we have no idea where most of the pipes are but my husband now says to just give me a pickaxe and I will find them. Done it 3 times now and all on a Sunday when nothing is open. I am curious about your 'unexpected thing'. Great poster by the way.

Kev Alviti said...

Great poster. It seems sometimes that the smaller the farm the more trees you plant. I must of planted over 400 here already whereas farms around me never plant any.

1st Man said...

It is simple and beautiful huh? It's basic but visually catching.

Yep, all was ok, though you might want to skip Monday's post. :-)

1st Man said...

Yikes, water leaks like that are the most frustrating aren't they? Well, by now you've seen the unexpected 'visitors'.

Great poster image huh?

1st Man said...

400??? How awesome are you!! I"d love to plant that many trees. I could probably get 40, ha. Nice job!! Trees are great to have huh?

Leanne said...

That's a Buckeye tree leaf and nut. (Makes sense, it's the state tree of Ohio.)

Love your blog!