Thursday, October 2, 2014


Small orchard of fruit trees, image from
This is a picture we found once upon a time.  It's nothing special as far as flowering trees, but what kind of trees they are is what inspired us;  it's a small orchard with a variety of fruit trees growing.  When we thought about getting some land, we both said we wanted fruit trees and this picture is what made us want something like that.

Now of course, we ended up having more space to spread out and so our trees are scattered around.  We didn't get one grouping like this but rather, we have small groupings (and more to come) scattered close to the house.

Either way, fruit trees rule!  Now it's just a matter of and time are what we have to manage now...caring for the trees and then just waiting for them to bear fruit someday.

Be Inspired!


  1. I gaze into my crystal ball and pies, peach cobbler, shelves of canning jars and full freezers. No time line though lol.

  2. Please plant a couple of apricots.. Fresh apricots are nothing like canned or dried.
    I don't know if those grafted 5 different types of fruit are hardy,but those would be handy.

  3. I have to say, looks a bit like our orchard with a small difference. We took out the old tall varieties that weren't doing so well when we bought our place and replaced them with dwarf varieties so that netting the trees and collecting the fruit was easier. I love flowering trees!

  4. You do find such lovely pictures!

  5. This is so inspiring! My orchard is in the growing and still-planting stage but it is starting to provide some great produce - my Meyer lemon tree is especially bountiful this year. A friend showed me his Avocado tree today with a dozen green beauties on it - it is a variety that is for our area of Texas -- this is next on my need-to-plant list!

    This beautiful picture is what your trees will look like in a few years. Just think how wonderful it will be to go out into your yard and pick your goodies fresh from your own trees!

  6. That little orchard is a lot like our little orchard except ours has chickens in it too. We haven't room for another(bigger) orchard so have planted fruit trees in among the hedge rows and up against buildings.


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