Monday, March 30, 2015


So on Sunday, I had to get started on the flower beds around the house.  We decided to use landscaping timbers to build something. 

This is the corner of the front porch, a big, weird space that needed something more than just sticking some flowers in the ground. 

I bought some landscape timbers, they are very inexpensive at the local big box hardware store.  Pressure treated (no food plants here) so they will last a good long time.  First, I laid them out.

I used this edging tool to make quick work of leveling.  Just putting them on the ground, chances are it's not going to be level so you have to dig out trenches and put the timbers in.  It took a few times of adding and removing soil until... was level!  Seeing that little bubble in the middle is a great feeling.  It also means no more bending and stooping so the quicker it gets to the center the better, ha.

Here it is looking from above on the porch.  Lots of room now to plant stuff.
And above and below is the finished result.  At first we were just going to just leave the back open since plants in the front will (eventually) block it.  But the more I looked at it, the more I realized that overall it would look better (and probably BE better) to have a back tier of timbers too.  More work now, but we think it looks much better that way.   

Landscape timbers flower bed
This was phase one, we're also putting them along the front and side of the house (no angles on those, just straight lines), and then two on the front side of the veggie garden, one on each side of the gate.  I actually did most of one side but ran out of timbers (had enough until I put in the back ones on this).  

All that's left now is to add soil, dig some holes and plant some flowers.  I figure it's best to get the hard work done first.  Pouring in some bags of dirt, planting bushes, and adding mulch, that's the fun part.  

Today my muscles are sore but my soul is nourished.  It's a great sense of accomplishment, small as it may be.  


  1. Wow, that looks great. A great pay-off for all your hard work. It’s going to look so pretty when it’s full of colorful blooms soon!

  2. Just a suggestion, if you plant a few bird attracting plants there and add a bird bath, you will be able to watch the birds while seated on your verandah. We have this at home and because the birds don't experience the dangers and noise of the city, they are comfortable going about their business in close quarters to humans. We have Eastern Robins that will literally sit only a foot away from you when you garden, waiting for any worms or grubs you may happen to dig up. Watching the birds up close is one of the most relaxing activities you can do. I am filled with anticipation as to what you're going to do next.

  3. Looks Great. You done a Wonderful job.
    I do have a suggestion tho. I also have landscape timbers bordering my rose and daylily bed and to keep the timbers in line and not bowing, hubby drilled some hones; (I think 4 holes on each timber; 1 toward each end and 2 in the middle evenly spaced) and pounded sections of rebar in just to keep them in place which has really helped to keep them from shifting, etc.
    A little butterfly garden would be beautiful there in the corner.
    I have learned by experience; Do Not put a bird feeder inside or close to a flower bed; Not a good thing.
    Enjoy your day; and happy planting

    1. drilled some holes. Not hones.
      This key board keeps making stupid mistakes like that. Sorry for the boo, boo. Maybe time to get a new key board, you think :}

    2. Colleen,
      My laptop ref8ses to type an "a" unless I hit the keyboard hard multiple times, so maybe it is time for a new laptop!

    3. Don't own a laptop. Was kidding about new keyboard. It's just me not putting my fingers on the right keys at times so I put the whole blame on the keyboard. :}

  4. Very nice, you could add in some Swiss chard as long as that bed isn't facing west, with some flowers and then you get pretty and food :O)Bright lights Swiss chard or neon Swiss chard those have really pretty colorful stalks, red,pink,yellow,orange and green tops. Heck those alone make a stunning bed. Some flower are edible ya know as well :O).

  5. your hard work will reward you again and again, it looks amazing!!Epsom salt in the bath, works a charm on sore muscles!

  6. Are you going to add lattice or run wires in the back of the bed for climbing o vining plants? It can also give a "living screen" not hat you really need privacy out in your farm..well maybe from the nosey cows, haha

  7. It is looking wonderful and will only get better and better. Echoing Colleen here. Do not put a feeder near a garden bed, unless you like weeding out the seedlings which will sprout from their discards. And raking out the husks...
    A bird bath would be good though.

  8. 1st Man,

    I like what you've done with the landscape timbers. Will you be planting any of the state flowers in this garden bed?

  9. This looks wonderful, and I know it had to be immensely satisfying! Have you considered putting chicken wire, or some such, to keep critters from camping beneath your verandah? Here you have to, unless you really love the smell of skunk in the morning...

  10. That's going to be a really nice flower bed! Over the years I've tried to add more flowers to our garden to help attract more bees and butterflies. They help the garden and we get to watch them, perfect trade off. :-)

  11. wow...this is really going to be pretty..great job!!!

  12. Oh, how awesome!!! What a clever idea! Be sure and plant a few scented things, so you can enjoy the fragrance as you relax on the porch, or scent your house with the windows open!

    Oriental lilies and old-fashioned petunias blend well with everything and smell nice day and evenings, too. You could have the same petunias in hanging baskets and or containers on the porch and steps to tie it all together.


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