Monday, March 9, 2015


On a rainy day, it was a good time to get some stuff done inside.   So here we have a couple more items to check off the list for this year, yay!

Bathroom shelves
First up, I tackled shelves in the bathroom.  We had one of those stands that stood behind the toilet but with the bathroom being so small, the stand, even though it's called a space saver, just seemed to take up a lot of space visually, if that makes sense.  So we opted for simple shelves on the wall.  These are the pre-made laminated shelves, 24" x 8" and some metal brackets, simple industrial style.  

Now we just need to figure out how to best utilize them.  

Craft area shelves
Then I put up two shelves in the spot we call (well, "I" call it) the crafting area.  These are 48" x 10".  One thing I've always wanted is a dedicated storage spot for arts and crafts supplies.  There is a sitting area off the bedroom and I figured that was a good spot.  I like to dabble in different things and in the future, I'd like to learn some new things.  So these new shelves are above a storage hutch that we bought last year at Ikea.  I have my Mom's sewing machine there, and storage boxes and containers of other supplies.  A few years ago (before we owned the farm), I did some herbal projects, including soap making, using dried herbs.  I'd like to get get back into that.  I still have all the one gallon jars that held the dried herbs and they will fit on here perfectly. 

Wet and cold weekend but two more things steps!


  1. great job! i heard that you might be in for more rain?

  2. Those look great, very useful. Little chunks of time and projects will have the list complete in no time.

  3. Above the loo - towel, soap, an artwork or two... :)

    Ist Man - giveaway happening. Giveaway with a difference... ;)

  4. I hate those things that stand up on the back of the toilet. Your shelves are aesthetically pleasing.


  5. Good decision. Can't have enough shelves.

  6. Good looking shelves - in both places! I can see things stored in baskets on the shelves - very neat and clean.
    Your herbal soap project sounds like fun! And now you can grow your own herbs in your Farm garden.

  7. 1st Man,

    Nice looking shelves, great job...........they're straight!!!!
    Can I hire you to do our shelves :-)

  8. very nice! i dread hanging/mounting anything on the walls as i undoubtedly will have to try several times to get it 'right'. :)

  9. Congratulations. Not baby steps at all.
    Too much storage is barely enough.

  10. You are ploughing through your list. I love the brackets! Talking of new things, I did a cheesemaking course on the weekend. Lots of fun. I will never complain about the cost of cheese again........lots of milk used for only a small amount of cheese but OMG the difference in taste! I could see you guys doing such a course.

  11. Well done! 2 more things crossed off. You will soon have that list completed, but you know it is never ending!

  12. great job on your shelves. I can see towels, wash cloths, toilet paper, etc stored in baskets up on them shelves.
    Always makes a person feel good when you can cross off another project off one's 'to do' list.
    Have had lots of rain here. Water puddles all over in the yard........bring on the canoe :}

  13. And sometimes, it is the little jobs that get done, that are a blessing in disguise. Now, just remember to buy and use only clear storage bins on those "crafty" shelves. They make finding things so much easier. As to weather, here I am today, March 10, sitting in 61 degrees outside versus last week on Thursday, March 5, high was 10 and low was a big minus 13 degrees. Is it spring yet?? M


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