Saturday, June 27, 2015


WELL guess what's in the forecast for today and tomorrow?


So last night, we went out to eat Chinese food.  Here is my fortune:

This morning, here is the radar image for Texas:

All those storms are coming this way.  I HAVE to mow or I don't know what we'll do.  So it's off to the farm, in a race against time, to make the fortune cookie come true...have an adventure on my four wheeled zen machine.   

Fingers crossed!

Will respond to comments of the last few days when I'm stuck inside this weekend once the rains come.


  1. We had a light shower of rain this morning but hardly enough to wet the sidewalk or for it to register in the rain gauge

  2. We have had storms the last few days. My weather radio is constantly emitting alarms. I no longer startle when they sound. The rivers and creeks are swollen but have not left their banks, the ground is spongy and my vegetation has never looked so lush and green. Too bad I can't actually be outside to enjoy it! lol

  3. It came through Tulsa but not a drop fell so maybe you'll luck out too. Believe it or not, I was kind of hoping for a free watering of all my potted plants and gardens. Just can't win with Mother Nature.

  4. Find the joy in whatever you do!

  5. I hope you win that race,

  6. I envy you and your Zen Machine! We have tons of Green Machines (John Deere) here on the ranch, but all too huge for the Garden Area...I use a hand-held weed whacker!! I sure wish we could get a bit of your rain overage! It's down right scary here in California...

  7. Hope the rain holds off until you get your "hay meadow" mowed! Have fun on your 4-Wheeled Adventure!

  8. Good luck. I hope you beat the weather.

  9. Oh my!
    Don't you wonder when it is going to end?
    Good luck with zen machine.

  10. 1st Man,

    When you're done, come up this way......our grass needs cutting AGAIN!!!


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