Friday, June 19, 2015


OK, back to fun stuff..

After what seems like weeks of rain (and probably was) we finally had a day of sunshine.  What better way to spend my lunch break than by doing a little "retail therapy".  

There is something we've been wanting at the farm for awhile now and that's a couple of aprons.  But, I'm here to tell you, aprons for the ladies are everywhere.  Flowers, fruits and veggie prints, lacy, frilly, long, short, vintage, new, you name it, there is one out there.  Aprons for men however, well, that is a much harder item to find...unless of course you want some obnoxious catch phrase relating to beer or grilling or worse yet, some sort of bodily function.  There are plenty of those to be had.  

So we've steadily looked and never found anything we liked.  

Until now!!

Men's aprons
These are so awesome!  They are nice and long (about knee length), have two pockets, and are made of a heavier weight, thicker cotton fabric than most.

Ticking stripe aprons
Best of all, they are made in a vintage ticking stripe fabric in both traditional red and traditional blue.  In fact, the blue one reminds me of overalls that my Grandfather used to wear all the time.

Red striped and blue striped aprons
I found them at Marshall's Homegoods and they were only $10 each!  It was definitely TOO good of a deal to pass up.  I can't wait to have a joint cooking session to wear them.  Of course, I will have to convince 2nd Man to let me into his 'space' in the kitchen...


  1. 1st Man,

    Every man needs an apron especially if they're cooking, baking, or grilling!!!
    I like your aprons my friend, great deal!!!
    You know you could make these yourself with some old shirts!!!

  2. those are just gorgeous aprons! and Sweet Sandy above is right - you could make them with old shirts or with old overalls! so who gets red and who gets blue? they look fantastic hanging on their hooks! sending much love!

    your friend,

  3. I love those. Maybe you can get into 2nd Man's space as sous chef or dishwasher/cleanup crew. Now, to see if I can post this. Everyday, I try. Practical Parsimony.

  4. I love aprons and that blue one reminds me of my grandfather too. He always woe a striped engineer's hat.

  5. Those are awesome aprons! They are so cool-looking. I have always loved ticking material. And, you great bargain-hound, you got another amazing buy!

  6. Love them. Soooo much nicer, and classier, than the all too common (and vulgar) aprons with boobs on them which men are supposed to like.

  7. Those are very handsome aprons.

  8. I am partial to green and white or grey and white ticking. That sure is a a great deal :)

  9. I'm always wearing an apron of some sort.
    These look like great, heavy duty aprons and love the red but the blue is nice as well.
    I have made a waist apron just by using an old pair of jeans

  10. Wow!! What a find!! I've been looking at this type of fabric for aprons and the price tag for a 56 inch wide yard is $11.00 to 15.00, depending on the weight. And then, I still have to make it. BTW, a yard is all I need to make one. Anyway, you got a bargain. Have a great weekend without rain. M


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