Monday, June 29, 2015


After Friday night's fortune saying I'd have a four wheeled adventure, it certainly was, more so than before.  I don't have pictures because it was either something happening too fast to capture or too gruesome to show.  

Instead, I'll post some flower pictures taken after I was done mowing

As I was mowing, there were creatures everywhere.  Frogs of all sizes hopping all over the place.  I'm guess the weeks of rain and standing water has brought them out in full force.  I tried to avoid them whenever possible.

Then there were bunnies.  EVERYWHERE.  Not sure if it's bunny mating season or what but they were all over, big, little and in between.  They would dart out from tall grass and hop away at a high rate of speed.

Then there were birds.  They followed the mower and were loving the freshly mowed grass and all the bugs/seed I presume it turned up.


...and clouds of dragonflies too.  

Then the bad part of the adventure:  

I ran over a snake in the tall grass.  It was a rat snake, about two feet long.  It was mortally injured, and could not move, as much as it tried.  It was suffering and I couldn't let it continue like that.  I went back to the house, got the machete and took care of things swiftly and as humanely as possible.  

The whole circle of life moment.  It was DEFINITELY an adventure like I've never had before.

Now maybe I should play those lotto numbers on the back of the fortune!


  1. at least you didn't decapitate any bunnies. or did you?

  2. Isn’t it wonderful to know that your Farm is so FULL of life! All the butterflies, birds, bunnies in the fields of flowers - beautiful! Loved the pictures. Sorry about the gruesome incident - but you did the right thing in dispatching it quickly. Maybe if the grass gets tall again, you could make a few rounds of the yard on your mower with the blade turned off to warn any creatures it’s time to leave the area.

  3. good on you dispatching the snake and not letting it suffer :-)

  4. Thank you for doing the right thing.

  5. 1st Man,

    The circle of life season!!!! You did good dispatching the snake.
    Lot's of bunnies you say, maybe it's time to put a pot on for bunny stew??

  6. Death is part of life, and death can come in so many different ways. You did the kind thing in not letting the snake suffer.

  7. Your kindness always shines through.

    The farm sounds like paradise with all the wildlife. There are lots of bunnies around where I live and watching the babies grow is a thrill. You can recognize their lineage from season to season. There is one very prolific bunny that has been around for about six years and his/her offspring are very easy to recognize. They are very tame and will eat out of your hand! Did you know bunnies really, really like Cheerios?!


  8. I can tell you're a Walking Dead fan. Talking about death, but showing pictures of flowers lol, just like Carol telling....eep, can't remember the crazy girl's name, but telling her to look at the flowers while Carol does what needs to be done. :)


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