Tuesday, June 30, 2015


A few months back, we cleaned out one of the storage units that had my parents stuff in.  One of the things we reclaimed was this chair.  When my Grandmother passed, I went up with my Mom to help her go through things.  This was one of the things that she wanted.  This was my Grandmother's chair, she sat in it all the time.  She had back problems in her later years and she liked sitting in a straight back chair and this one was her most comfortable chair.

So, we brought it back to Houston and my mom kept it at her apartment.  After my mom passed, I put it in storage with everything else and it ended up there for a few years.  We have it out now and found where it's going to go at the farm.  We needed a chair in the bedroom as a place to sit and put on shoes, relax a bit, etc, so we put it in this corner.

It was the perfect spot!

Old chair project
Now I will have a project (perhaps later this Summer when it's too hot to do anything else outside) to repaint, refinish, etc.  First, we have to figure out a color scheme.  The master bedroom is shades of blue and white with black.  I was thinking of something like a base color of dark blue and then maybe using the various detail parts of wood as accents.  Or maybe vice-versa, white base with blues and black as accents.  I've seen some really cool painted chairs online where people do things like paint each spindle section a different color (or match the colors to an opposite piece).  Or maybe a whimsical design?  I'll need to sand and do all that fun stuff first, then I can paint and lastly, maybe a nice coordinating cushion on the seat.

MID DAY UPDATE:  After reading comments, you all have inspired me, I think I just might sand it to clean it up a bit and leave it as is, instead of changing it too much.  Still might get a cushion though, the kind that tie on.  That could add something new without being permanent.

Anyone ever done a project like this or have suggestions?


  1. Many times, but with the beautiful patina on that chair, I would not change a thing.

  2. I myself like a natural wood finish. IMO it would make the chair stand out a bit instead of blend in. Grandmas chair deserves to stand out! :)

  3. It's so nice that you have a little memory of your gran close by. :) Deb

  4. I would leave the chair as is and keep that as the center point of the room. It's just too lovely of a chair to paint. If you have a picture of your grandmother sitting in the chair; frame the picture and hang on the wall behind the chair. What a great memory

    1. To protect the wood on the chair try Howards Feed-N-Wax wood preserver which is made up of beeswax & Orange Oil or you could also use; again by Howards the Restore *A *Finish which will also restore the wood and blends out scratches and blemishes.
      Now for you painting of the bedroom.
      If it's a small room, use light colors. Could leave 3 walls white and using a light accent color on the existing wall; and using a cushion for your chair to accent your accent painted wall and adding throw pillows on the bed to co-inside with your color scheme. Noticed you have white curtains up against the white wall. Add some color there by adding different colored curtains or you could even dye your curtains to go with your colors in your bedroom

  5. I agree, leave it as is. But add a cushion and maybe a pillow in your colors!

  6. Personally, I would strip the old finish from the wood, sand to at least 600, maybe even finer, and then apply Watco (my favorite) or another hand-rubbed oil finish to enhance the natural quality of the wood. But before stripping the wood I would see if the caning would benefit from any kind of cleaning or "moisturizing" - I don;t know what to call it, and I don't have any caned furniture, but I do soak and then airdry all my handwoven baskets every few years, and believe it helps preserve them. If I thought soaking the cane would be a good idea, I would do it while the old finish was still intact.

    Different strokes...I look forward to seeing whatever you decide to do with your grandmother's lovely chair!

  7. I wish you'd keep it just the way it is. It's so much a part of your memories of your grandma and perfect for a farmhouse

  8. My goodness, it's so beautiful as it is - I wouldn't change a thing.

  9. i too would not touch it. it has all that history and dna on it!

  10. I too have rockers from great great grandma, great grandma, and mom. I agree that its better to change up the cushions and leave the wood finish. I also love the idea of framing photos of the ladies in the chairs to hang near by... stealing that one!

  11. For a minute there I thought it was a rocking chair...

    1st Man - if it was your grabs chair it could be close to being classified an antique ( 60 years or more). If so, I would advise you get expert advice before you do anything to it. Once you touch it - even just sand it and reseal - you'll impact the historical and monetary value.

    Personally - plain wood is my favourite - and if it has some dings and dents - well, those are the chair's character and appeal - and contain memories all of their own. Rather celebrate it's flaws than making it "perfect".

    A tie on cushion sounds wonderful :)

    Regarding colour - leaving the "base" colour plain and introducing colour with accents will allow you to "change" your colour scheme whenever you want to - for the price of a cushion cover or two, or a new niknack strategically placed :)

  12. i agree with many of the others who say to leave it alone....just add a tie-on cushion in the colours of your choice. it is a beautiful chair!

    your friend,

  13. As I was reading this, I thought why paint such a beautiful wood chair. Glad to read you've changed your mind. A cushion in your color scheme will work just fine.

  14. I agree with all the others. I would keep it like it is and just add a cushion that you like. I am very sentimental about old family heirlooms and like to keep them like they are.

  15. I say keep the wood, add a cushion in accent color maybe a woven or knitted throw also.

  16. That is such a beautiful chair with beautiful memories. I'm glad you've reconsidered and will keep the original finish. It's easy to change up cushions and other accessories to brighten things up.

  17. I too am glad that you are going to celebrate the beauty of the wood. And the memories.

  18. 1st Man,

    Instead of painting this beautiful chair, I may do some pyrographic art on part of the back of your chair. Something to remember your Grandmother by.....like her nickname?
    Just a thought!

  19. That's a beautiful chair, and it looks perfect. It was made to end up there.



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