Thursday, July 23, 2015


Now that we finally have our red barn and shed, we've started looking toward getting other things around it, for example, fencing.  But another item that I've always wanted it a windmill.  It doesn't have to pull up water of course, but it would be awesome to see it spinning and rotating according to the wind. 

The one above really made us want one even more, seeing it next to a red/white barn, albeit a LARGE red/white barn, ha.  Something this size might be a bit TOO large, because size is something that would matter.  The large barn we have is 16' tall at the peak so we don't want a small 6 foot tall windmill that would look like a toy next to it, but we also don't need one that towers over everything else.  We're thinking 10 or 12 feet tall sounds about right.  

We just love this look.  

Be inspired!


  1. 1st Man,

    I've wanted a windmill forever but refused to pay the prices they want for a nice size one. Then one day we found one at a yard/estate sale for $6.00. Needs a little work. I've taken the entire thing apart, sanded all pieces except for 2 which I need to use a grinder on. Then I need to prime those pieces I used the grinder on, and finish painting the rest. Soon I will have pictures of everything and a post. I'm looking forward to having this done soon so I can share with everyone.

  2. omg...this would be perfect. you have to get one!

  3. A windmill would look great and be a wonderful addition to the farm, but my advice, don't buy those cheap ones you see at Tractor Supple and other stores. They just do not last and I'm speaking of experience here. They just do not hold up to the Texas winds.
    If you're going to get one; get a nice sturdy, well built one; will cost more yes, but it will and should last you for a very long time.
    I don't do facebook but I did come along this site.
    Any size windmill that you get will really have to be anchored in the ground good or the winds could blow it over and damage your shed

  4. That would look great at your Farm! If you want a real windmill, there is a company in Inez, Texas, about 15 miles north of Victoria:

  5. I love that look. When ever I saw of picture of y'alls barns, I thought "they need a windmill!". Cool!

  6. If you get one, you should have it give you some energy. Why waste that wind.


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