Monday, August 3, 2015


We realized that we never posted photos of the bonfire we did a few weeks back.  We had to wait for the big pile of stuff to dry out.  This is from when we had the backyard cleared.  All the weeks of rain kept it all wet.  It took several weeks of hot and dry to be ready.  

Then one Saturday, "R" from 2nd Family came up and asked us "are you ready to burn that pile?" 

Um yeah, sure! 

Big burn pile
OK, so as you can see, it was a big pile to burn.  Side note, it's not as close to the barns as it looks in this photo, no worries.  

Burn pile
It took a few hours, but it burned down and then smoldered for awhile.  We kept the water hose nearby to put out any hot spots.

Burn pile after
Here it was the next day.  That large tree trunk barely even burned, but most other pieces did, so that's good.  We have since put the all of that into a smaller pile next to the big trunk, and will try again...after the grass is not as dry as it is now.  It's waaay too dry to try that now.  We need a good rain and then a week to dry before we try again.

We had the option when they cleared the brush and trees to have them run this through the chipper or make a burn pile.  The advantage of the burn pile was that they had more time to clear (we paid for them for the day) and so it seemed at the time like the better deal.  Looking back, it wasn't.  We hate this mess.  We'd much rather have the yard clean and clear and neat and a few more pieces of brush on the property.  Not sure we'll even be able to get this trunk burned completely.  The wood is so hard, there is just nothing else to do with it.  They even broke a blade on their fancy machine while cutting it size to put it into the pile.  We might just have to pay someone to have this hauled off.  

Anyway, it's mostly done so there is THAT at least...


  1. that is a big trunk to have to get rid of! did you toast any marshmallows?

  2. Gosh, and wasn't even invited for a weenie roast or no toasting of marshmallows either. Bummer. }
    Have someone come with a chain saw and cut it for you and you have wood for your fire pit that you will build someday.

  3. Live and learn. There's tradeoffs in everything. I know you guys will get it all cleaned up
    and looking spiffy before long. Good luck!

  4. Big trees that are cut down green can take years to dry out. The only way that sucker will burn is if you have a burn pile that has serious heat!! The other stuff burned because it was so much smaller and it had dried out. I would be getting someone to chainsaw it up to use for firewood in a couple of years time. When ever we burn bonfires here, we bury potatoes wrapped in foil into the coals then around an hour later have a feast. We also make twists, a dough made with flour and water which is then pushed over the end of a stick. This is cooked over low flames. When done you slide the twist off and pour honey, garlic butter, tomato sauce, golden syrup (whatever you like) down the centre. We have learned through experience to use thick sticks, makes for easy access for the sauce. Hell, even toast tastes better cooked over a flame.

  5. Could you use the log for a rustic bench along a path?

  6. i was thinking like Texas Rose above. also take all of the stuff that actually burned and start a compost pile. then add to it all of your table scraps and within 2 years you'll have some beautiful soil to amend your raised beds. sending much love!

    your friend,

  7. One more good burn and you will be clear. If you continue to "chunk" the fire, it will go faster. Looks like a good job almost done and the ashes will enrich the ground.

    Love your barns.

  8. I love a good bonfire/burn pile like that. Might be a little hot, but hey, tis fun nonetheless! Penn

  9. I see one of your logs which looks like a candy cane laying on its backside, would make a neat log seat. Use as is or use it as a base. Just add a plank across it for lounging. And, maybe, add an open back too. Would be a neat conversation piece. Can't tell how tall the stump is but it could be another seat for watching the ducks down by the pond. Or, I'm sure someone around would like it for firewood.

  10. Oh dear. I can see that you blokes are far too tidy! Your grass would make a lovely wildflower meadow, providing nectar for your bees, saving you a lot of mowing and you could have just heaped up the logs and brush into a corner somewhere so that the wildlife could move in.

  11. Is that Mesquite???? Call around to people nearby who make furniture - a log that big is a treasure!

  12. I have tons of brush to burn. But I am terrified to burn it. I use a burn barrel to burn trash, but I stand right there, hose and shovel in hand. What kills me is, they burn the ditches all the time. I'm just a big chick'en when it comes to outdoor fires. HA!


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