Tuesday, August 4, 2015


This isn't a paid review or a compensated free product, I just feel like I should blog about something that has worked for me that might work for others.

Original Cooling Towel
Not sure if I had ever heard of this before our friend "D" told us about it.  She bought one for her son to use when he was mowing and she said he raved about it so much that she bought one for herself.  We were at Bed Bath and Beyond recently and they had them on end of Summer clearance.  After chuckling for a moment at an 'end of Summer' sale as my hands left a layer of skin on the steering wheel, I decided to buy one and try it out.  

Frogg Toggs Cooling Towell
It works SO well.  When you first open it, it's soft and flexible.  You get it wet, wring it out just a bit and while it still holds an abnormally large amount of water, it doesn't drip.  That's the method it uses to cool you, as it evaporates it creates the cooling effect.  It's kind of rubbery, definitely an odd feeling 'fabric'.  I've worn it while mowing and while working in the garden and it doesn't get your clothing very wet either.  I say "very" because if you put a lot of water in it, there will be some dripping.  The nice thing is if you have a bit of a breeze, it's really cooling.  Even after a couple of hours on the mower, it was still cooling me down.  One warning...you better wash it and fold it into the shape/size you want because when it dries, it's as stiff as a board.  You know how a chamois gets hard when it's dry?  It's just like that.  

We only got one, this color is called "Hi Visibility Green" but I've got another one on order so we'll each have one, or at least have a backup.  Of course, they also sell them on Amazon (is everything available at Amazon? ha)  Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad Cooling Towel is the link.  They are available in several colors and other sizes, though we like this large size, this one is 33"x13".

4 1/2 STARS OUT OF 5


  1. We use the EnduraCool by Mission. It comes in cloths, under helmet caps and cowls. They are amazing. It's wet, snap and use. It stays cool by some magic I'm unaware of. They have saved our bacon this year.

  2. We use the EnduraCool also. I have the cloth, my husband has the cloth and hat which he loves for mowing.

  3. Wow, this sounds fantastic! Anything that helps make this heat more bearable is welcome. Thanks!

  4. i've used something similar for years and they are terrific!

  5. My MS means heat is an issue for me. I use something similar, and even have a vest made of it for really hot days.

  6. We bought one of those last year and they really do work well. Also, Frogg Toggs are made nearby which makes me feel like I'm buying local. :-) Their rain jackets are awesome, too. Very lightweight and super comfy.

  7. The Great Scot works in an extremely hot environment during the summer months... with this being washable it could be a great help to him; thanks for posting about it!

  8. A few years ago we had a family member get married in August, off the gulf coast in a beautiful, UN-AIRCONDITIONED church. All the guys in my family bought Frog togs and wore them under their suits. They swore by them. We have another wedding this August in South Alabama. They are having an outdoor reception and I think the guys are packing Frog Togs yet again.

  9. Looks like a pretty Cool item.
    I used to make and sell what they called 'cool ties' and those sure did help when working outside in this Texas heat.
    A few years ago I had an order to make 30 of them ties and where shipped off to Iowa.
    Have also made several of which in turn where sent to the military personal that where stationed over seas.

  10. Seen these on TV ads, so nice to know they "really work". May have to get one for hubby's outside work time. Thanks for the review. M


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