Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Our very dear friend "D" joined us for a special event recently and she surprised us with a gift bag.  In it was this:

Her daughter "S", who we've known since she was in school, now she has flown the nest and is on her own, drew this picture of vintage style beehive artwork for us, complete with bees flying around.  So sweet that she took the time after work every night to create this for us.  And really cool, they even found a picture frame that was a shabby chic kind of honeycomb pattern.  We were very excited to get it and it will go in a special spot at the farm.  

We also love that she found a great gift bag to put it in that had a heavy hang tag.  It's made of wood with attached cord, so it's very much a lasting 'extra' gift.  We decided to hang it on the dining room cabinet knob.  The perfect spot!

It says "Eat, Drink and be Awesome".  

Yeah, I think we can handle the eat and drink part, we'll work on the awesome!

Thank you "D" and "S"!


  1. that drawing is BEE-YOU-TI-FUL! and the frame is perfect! so is the gift tag! it's nice to have friends who are so thoughtful! that was really nice of D and S!

    sending much love to you both! and don't forget - eat, drink and be awesome! your friend,

  2. What lovely gifts. Thoughtful gifts which will trigger warm memories each time you look at them.

  3. I have a friend and a daughter in law that gift me with "bee" things...they would love your framed picture as much as I do!!

  4. Wow, she is very talented! The drawing with the beehive frame is perfect for y’all’s Farm. What a lovely and thoughtful gift. And y’all have the awesome part already nailed!

  5. How wonderful! It is more than special when people give of themselves with something personalized just for you.

    I have the eat, drink part down pat...awesome constantly evades me.

  6. 1st Man,

    What a nice gift, and I know you've found a very special place for it in your home.

  7. Really lovely. Ever so thoughtful!!

  8. What a very thoughtful and nice gift. Be nice if the person that gave it to you signed and dated it as well. If not, maybe she would still be will to do so

  9. I love the picture and the thought behind it. I love D and S very much and they both have a wonderful giving spirit. So glad they are friends with you. Have a beautiful day. Rita


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