Saturday, September 12, 2015


We got an email tonight from a blog friend who needed help with some plant ID.  I asked if we could post the pics that were sent and ask all of you.

So up first is this bush they has a small pink bloom.  

And then there is this.  Was told it's a vine type plant with thorns...

...and these berries or small fruits. I"m guessing they are most likely poisonous (aren't they always?  Ha).

I told them to come back later and read the comments so fire away with info if anyone knows about either one!  More updates tomorrow, busy day today.  Sunday will be Zen Machine time, finally, yay!!!


  1. The first plant looks like lorapetalum. I planted several for the purpley leaves and pink fringe flowers. Later found out they can grow tall as trees. The second plant looks scary!

  2. Yes, the first plant is Loropetalum..........

    The picture with the berries / seed pods; wish more of the plant was shown, like the plant itself or be nice to see what the leaves looked like. Would, maybe make it easier to identify if we could see what more of the plant itself looked like.
    Different plants grow in different parts of the country, would be nice to know roughly what area this person lives. I would suggest that this person talks a nice cutting of the plant to local nursery and they would probably be able to identify it for them. It could be just about anything as there are many plants that have thorns and get berries/ fruit / seed pods.
    Sorry I wasn't able to be much help. Maybe someone else will be able to identify

  3. Regarding the vine plant--ask your friend for a picture of the leaves and describe the texture of the leaves. . Are the berries lateral or terminal? Are the thorns blunt or spiked? Does the vine have flowers?

  4. Oh those are the bane of my garden (the second one) - commonly known as horse nettle, but the full name is Solanum carolinense. They grow prolifically, with long, long root systems that are almost impossible to get all of, so they always come back.

    You can see lots of pictures at


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