Thursday, September 24, 2015


UPDATE:  Going to leave this up for a bit this morning to give anyone else a chance, she still has some left.

Last Spring, one of our Friends of the Farm, Colleen, sent us these pictures of her beautiful Iris beds.  She has quite the collection! 

The pictures were so pretty, I asked her if I could use them for an inspiration Thursday post and I did.  I'm reposting them again today...

Iris beds
...because she has an offer!  

She wrote to let us know that she is thinning and dividing the beds, moving things around and has an offer of free iris rhizomes (divisions) for those who want them!

  • She will perform the manual/heavy labor and dig them up for free
  • She will provide the divisions themselves for free
  • All you will pay is the postage to ship the full boxes
  • Serious inquiries only (it's a lot of work on her end)
  • Cash or money order only
Send me an email by clicking the button over on the side bar or just use "" and let me know you are interested.  I will get you in contact with her and let y'all work out the details.

This offer is "while supplies last" of course since there are limited amounts she can dig up so act fast before they're all gone! (we've already got a box coming!)

Thank you dear Colleen!  You are awesome!


Colleen said...

Thank You Sir.
I wanted to add that I can only receive money order or cash. No checks please. Hope you all understand on that requirement.
Now, I do have limited supply of Eleanor Roosevelt's (purple in color) If anyone is interested in receiving any of them. .
Thank you

1st Man said...

Thank YOU Colleen! I updated the post to reflect cash/money order only, in case someone missed this comment. Thanks again!

Quinn said...

What a lovely, generous offer! I emailed you earlier, but came back here to say it again :)

laurie said...

beautiful beautiful, so many colors,,,

Colleen said...

You can compare the Eleanor's with the other irises compared to height wise, as the Eleanor's I have planted in the outer section of the circle bed posted in the first picture. They get 18-24 inches tall roughly and will bloom in the Spring as well as in the Fall when temperatures cool somewhat.
One year I even had some blooming in Dec.

Elephant's Child said...

Here on this side of the world I noticed yesterday that our Dutch iris are in bud. I hope the bearded iris are not far behind.

Colleen said...

Just now realized.
If you click onto my name, my profile will come up, click on 'email' and my email address will show and you can just send me an email personally that way if you want

Joani said...

Wonderful idea. Hope to see yours when you get them planted.

1st Man said...

Thank you I forwarded your email to Colleen. Thanks for the kind words!!

1st Man said...

Don't you just love the colors? So pretty...thanks!!

1st Man said...

Great point Colleen! Thanks for the reminder.

Elephant's Child, aren't they so pretty? Just such texture and color. Beautiful!

1st Man said...

Oh I'll share the end results, good or bad. Fingers crossed!!! If I could get something half as pretty as Colleen's, I'd be happy!