Friday, September 11, 2015


Well, after several weeks of not much rain (other than scattered showers), there is now a tropical disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico (no development expected) that has led to rain most every day this week.  

Heavier rains started yesterday and continued into today...

But the weekend is supposed to be clear, so fingers crossed for that.  It might just be time for the zen machine on Sunday.

But of course if it DOES end up raining all weekend...

...we may just follow Brisbane's lead and nap on and off all day long both days.  Oh to be a cat...

And of course, we always take a moment today to stop and remember those lost on that terrible day 14 years ago, including the brave men and women first responders who gave their lives while saving others...


  1. The rain was timed just right for my freshly-planted fall-winter garden! The garden is loving this "fertilizer from the sky" as my Grandma called it.

    Ah yes, the life of a cat. Brisbane has the right idea for a rainy day - I was very tempted to join my cat on his nap today.

    Did you see the story about the 16-year-old 9/11 SAR dog from Texas visiting New York for her birthday where she was thanked for her service?

  2. if you go out to your farm don't forget to keep an eye out for that snake, its been on my mind since you told us!!
    Stay safe in the bad weather!!

  3. We shall never forget.

    A package of seeds is crawling your way.

  4. OMB, what a cute pussy(cat)! cats DO have the life, don't they?

  5. Love Brisbane. Looks like Brisbane needs a chin rub from me today, but, of course, you will have to do it. M


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