Saturday, November 28, 2015


Found this magnet in a box of papers.  My Mom had given it to us as a joke a few years back and it got put into a box.  Being small and flat, it was misplaced.  and so when we found it, we had to put it on the stove at the farm.  She thought it was funny because she loved our cooking.   

Of course, men do tend to dirty up more dishes for some reason...

Off to the farm today, it's wet and cold.  Imagine that!

The rain has stopped so I'll put on the rubber boots and see what I can get done.  The back of the jeep is filled up with bags of soil/compost for the raised beds, we'll see how many I can get done before I need warmth, ha.  Of course, after last night's show, I'll most likely be singing the entire book of the Phantom of the Opera....hope the cows don't mind. 


  1. I's still raining here.

    Glad the show was great.

  2. I think men are more likely to be adventurous in their cooking with the spices and unusual combinations.....dangerous indeed lol.

  3. It is very chilly today. I'm going to bake some strudels and cream cheese rolls for a head-start on holiday baking - and it will warm up the house too.
    Have fun at the farm! The cows may even sing along with you!

    1. Love the magnet! My Dad was a wonderful cook/baker. And you two guys are definitely chef-quality!

  4. cool and rainy up here. spouse and I purchased a dishwasher this afternoon (ours died 4 days ago). love the magnet!

  5. My father was way too adventuresome. Plus, he fried most things or splashed pots of beans as they cooked while turned up too high. He never wiped up anything! Cows love music!


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