Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Today, well tonight actually, as I have to work, we are going to 2nd Man's family for a tradition they like to call Steaksgiving.  

With family members married, having kids, new in-laws, etc, it's hard to get everyone together on Thanksgiving Day because everyone is pulled in other conflicting directions.  So last year, they started a smaller get-together of just immediate family to free everyone up for Thanksgiving Day.  Instead of eating turkey and all the trimmings twice, they decided on steaks with all the trimmings.  Thus Steaksgiving was born!

2nd Man and I are bringing homemade yeast rolls, green beans with bacon and tomatoes, and cranberry salsa.  There will also be potatoes, other sides and of course the star attraction...steaks!  I'll take a picture of the final plate of food and come back later to add to this post when we get back home.

'Cause beef is always good...

UPDATE:  Photos from tonight...

Steaks from the grill, fresh mashed potatoes, green beans with tomatoes and bacon, mac and cheese (for the little guy in the family but of course, don't adults love a little mac and cheese too?), cranberry salsa and yeast rolls...

...and of course, a glass (or two) of wine.  It was a lovely evening, family and food...always a good combination! 

Anyone have any other traditions around or different from regular  Thanksgiving?


  1. That is a great way of adding a tradition, but taking the pressure off people to try and fit it all in. 2nd man's family is on to something. I guess you could say it is a tradition, but not true Thanksgiving, is card night (this year though Bingo0 at someone's house, anyone welcome, the Friday night after Thanksgiving. Again, a good way to get together, but not feel like it has to be on Thursday, unless you want to do double days with family. Did you post the cranberry salsa recipe? I'll have to look-sounds perfect with steak.

  2. Not for Thanksgiving but I have friends that grill steak for Christmas dinner and they kindly invite those friends that will not be with family.

  3. 1st and 2nd Man,

    Happy Thanksgiving!!! Enjoy your steak get the way what time is steak??

  4. I think that my Thanksgiving dinner will be Saturday since I am coughing so I can barely walk. I have cooked four hens in the crock pots. I will slowly prepare everything else and when it is all done, I will eat Saturday. Of course, I will be nibbling as I go along. I could go to Birmingham for Thanksgiving with a great group of friends, but I am sure my very productive could would make me a pariah.

    It is much better to adapt than have hurt feelings over who goes where for Thanksgiving.

  5. Coming from an Italian background, our Canadian thanksgiving starts with procuitto, olives, buratta and figs. The first course is usually risotto or brodo with tortellini. Then comes the bird with all the fixings. All of this is washed down with grappa, amaretto or sambucca.

  6. seafood is on the menu tomorrow for spouse and I. with wine and mince pie for dessert.

    other times, we have had lasagna or planked salmon. I don't like turkey.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Steaksgiving!

  8. I am totally stealing this idea! Since hubby is from Scotland, Thanksgiving isn't his favourite holiday. To make it more palatable for him I generally make lamb or salmon for the feast, that way everyone is happy.

  9. I spend my Thanksgiving Eve with best friend helping to prepare the foodstuffs and table decorations for the day. We have a good, peaceful, time and get remind each other why we're bestest friends.

    I wish you and all your family and readers a wonderful holiday season. I am thankful you are in my life. :-)

    1. Not sure where 'my' & 'to' went, but pretend they are there.


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