Sunday, May 15, 2016



Well, I got out to the farm, and it was dark and overcast (not like the picture above, LOL).  When I got there, "R" from 2nd Family was burning our burn pile.  He had asked the other day if if he could (he loves doing it and theirs is burned so he needed something to do).  We were so very grateful, we haven't had a chance and it was getting out of control.

Burn Pile
This is all that's left and "R" said he'd haul off what doesn't burn. Woo hoo!  I've been avoiding the pile for a while now, and he has it all burned up except this one big long (from a tree that was downed a year ago!).  We are so grateful to have them living next to us.  For those new to the blog, we call them 2nd Family because even though they aren't family by blood or anything else for that matter, they are like a 2nd Family to each of us.  

I stayed until it was sprinkling (as evidenced by the pale green on the radar image above.  After I left, it start pouring.  Yesterday we had 2 inches of rain.  Not sure about today yet.

So I did a few things, in the garden, more on that tomorrow and I came back into town., dodging heavy rain along the way.  But it was worth it...

Steak with Oven Roasted Potatoes
...we haven't had steaks in a couple of weeks so 2nd Man went downstairs and picked up a couple!  He also got some potatoes to roast in the oven and dinner was ready when I got home.  Yum!  

We're looking at rain for the next few days...sigh...

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Yep, we're in for a rainy spell this week. I guess you didn't get any lawn mowing done, as you had planned.
    But what a supper to come home to - yum-ee! Another mouth-watering meal from 2nd Man!

  2. The weather is odd. It is going down to 31 in southwest Ohio tonight. I planted my tomatoes over a week ago because the weather tracker indicated it would be OK to do so. Guess I will be starting all over next weekend.

  3. I seem to always have a brush pile waiting. Good progress.

  4. Very nice and neighborly of 2nd family to burn your pile. Something like that is always nice to get out of the way and now you can concentrate on doing other things.
    If only I lived closer, I would had taken your large unburned tree stumps off your hands. I would had cut slices from it and used the slices as stepping stones.
    I'm not much of a steak eater but them potatoes sure do look inviting. I will take a good hamburger any day over a steak.
    Take care and enjoy your day

  5. now thats great neighbors!!
    I love that you can pop downstairs for groceries,, that is great and still have the farm to go to,, you have the best of both worlds,

  6. Rain has really been messing up our outdoor work too. We just got a community garden plot but it's full of weeds. We have been weeding for days in between showers. At least the rain makes things easier to pull. I should have taken before and after pictures of my guy. I swear he must have been rolling in it!

    Are you going to put mulch on top of your landscape clothe again?

  7. 1st and 2nd Man,

    It is that time of year when there's plenty of work to do on the farm come rain or shine.

    That steak and those potatoes look delicious!!!


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