Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Every Thursday, we like to post a picture of something we've found online that inspires us to do something similar at the farm.  
Sort of our own blog bulletin board so that we can eventually look back and, hopefully anyway, recreate it...enjoy!

Two Chairs and a Fountain, image via
These Adirondack chairs come back time and time again in our inspiration photos.  That must be a sign of something!   We were looking at images for small water features and found this.  We can only imagine how peaceful this must be to sit and enjoy the sound of bubbling water.  

We'd love to have a small area with a water feature (has to be close enough to the house for electricity to be run to it)  and this gives us an idea of something for the future.  And of course we can get the Adirondack chairs ANYTIME!

Be inspired!

UPDATE:  I used the wrong dates when setting this up to automatically post.  Ooops! So today's post will show up tomorrow!  Thanks for pointing that out Tonya, I didn't even realize.  D'oh!


  1. this is so pretty and those chairs are so comfortable!

  2. I love the blue - so peaceful. I see a good use for some of those rocks you moved out from town. Is that a large flower pot that they used for the water feature?

  3. Lovely! I am totally enamored with Adirondack chairs and want at least 6 of them for various spots at the lake place. Sadly, my wallet is not on the same page as my wants.

  4. Here in Canada we call them Muskoka chairs. They are so comfortable and reminiscent of all things cottage. The water feature is stunning.

  5. that would be peaceful and relaxing. but then I would have to pee...

  6. Hi guys, that setting looks so blissful, I have one of those big water pots on my deck with a small electric pond pump ( about $30 aust) I just bought a big glazed ceramic planter pot and then plugged the drain hole with silicone, I have a couple of goldfish in it to eat any mosquito larvae.
    The sound of the trickling water is sooo nice, the deck doors are open in the warm weather, so I can hear it inside in the kitchen and living room too.
    If you want one away from the house you can get those small pond pumps with a solar panel that can be set up nearby.

    My water pot also has a small tub of Water Iris set up on a couple of bricks to get the top near the water level, it keeps the water pure and adds a bit of green, they only flower once a year but when they do....oh my

  7. Just another thought.....when you have your pond finished some Water Irises would look stunning around the edge and provide shelter for frogs.the bulbs multiply each year, so,if you get some set up in any container that will hold water, you can have them increasing in numbers every plants, first year 5 plants second year 10 plants third year 20, you won't get overrun as the old ones tend to die off after a few years.
    If you get a couple now, they should flower soon, you could even have some on a balcony in town.

  8. I have a big blue planter like the one pictured. I have always wanted to turn it into a water feature. Thanks for the inspiration! (a day early, lol)

  9. There are solar-powered pumps available online; we got one for around $20 so I could set my little fountain up without worrying about being able to plug it in... gives one more flexibility regarding location of water features.

  10. hey 1st Man! tag you are it! those blog awards are going around again and here you go.... hope this is ok. some folks dont like them but i think they are kinda fun. :-)

  11. 1st Man,

    Now I love this inspirational photo. It's so relax and Zen like!!


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