Saturday, May 21, 2016


But won't be there long, have family commitments later this afternoon and tomorrow.  But I do need to go to check on things, check the garden, and see how things fared this week as there was a lot of rain... 

This was Thursday at noon...the red dot is the farm.  In town, most of the heavy stuff went to the South of us so no flooding, thankfully.

"J" from 2nd Family texted this picture to us.  This is their front yard which, all the way in the rear of the picture, is also part or our driveway.  LOTS of rain.  She said about 4" this week.  

No mowing this weekend!  BOO!

But after all the rain this week, when we got home from work, saw this rainbow over the city.  I love seeing rainbows in the sky, they just always seem so magical don't they?

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!


Colleen said...

We had a double rainbow appearing overhead here just the other day. What a Beautiful site they are.
You have a fun and enjoyable day and great weekend.

Texas Rose said...

I hope all was well at the Farm, especially your bees and garden.
Love that rainbow!

1st Man said...

Doubles are the coolest! Great weekend, albeit it a bit wet on Saturday, boo!

1st Man said...

All was well, just wet and it rained again. Ugh.