Friday, September 23, 2016


We always try to post something animal related on Friday's, and so I thought we'd share this moment from a couple of weekends ago...

This is 2nd Family's dog Ruben and of course the now blog famous horse Artax.  She was grazing in the back pasture and Ruben decided to chase this "cow bird" (horse bird? LOL).  I wish I had the 'after' photo for this moment but I was walking back toward the house when it happened. 

The bird landed on the ground beside Artax.  Ruben ran after it and then it flew off and landed in a small tree.  Ruben ran after it again but this time, the bird flew back toward him and he took off running....IN THE OPPOSITE direction.  That bird scared him enough that for the rest of he day, he just sat by the fence and watched.  Lesson learned I suppose...


  1. Cattle Egret.. they catch the bugs the cows/horses scare up.. Silly puppy :)

  2. Cattle Egret.. they catch the bugs the cows/horses scare up.. Silly puppy :)

  3. That dog may never chase a bird again! Animals are funny1

  4. That is too funny! I wonder what he would have done if the bird was sitting on the horse.

  5. Big smiles. I can remember one of our cats sitting under a tree, looking up at a bird and chittering in lust and longing. The bird crapped on him (and I am sure it wasn't an accident) and the cat rushed inside and shot under the bed.

  6. Hahahahaha. I have one of those brave dogs here

  7. Love the Artex posts. Soon I'll blog about my girl Ennis, the Poor Farm lawn mower.

  8. Hahaha - FUNNY! Smart bird. Did Artax just keep on grazing, ignoring their shenanigans?

  9. LOL.
    The way it looks, Artax it totally ignoring everything that is going on around her.
    Ha, dogs will be dogs and fun to watch. Just never know what they may be apt to do but at least he is doing much better after having that bee stinging him.
    The bird, well, it just flies away saying; 'catch me, catch me if you can'.
    Thanks for sharing such a great photo. Think it brought a smile to everyone today.
    Off today to my daughters for large gathering to celebrate 3 family members birthdays that where this week. Busy yesterday preparing some food dishes for the potluck. One item was Large pan of stuffed Jalapeno peppers; some with a so called 'buffalo turd'( lit'le Smokies ) :} and some without.
    Only 10% chance of rain today so hopefully it will hold off or miss us all together.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Who knows, maybe next time I comment here I may be a great grandma-ma for the 1st time. :}


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