Thursday, September 8, 2022


Here is a great quick Tex Mex staple that we often have for breakfast but also for lunch and even dinner.  It's that good and satisfying.  They are made with Mexican chorizo (different from Spanish style chorizo link sausage) and is more like ground sausage.

San Manuel Chorizo
We love this brand (we don't get anything for mentioning them, just a shout out for good quality).  Whatever brand you get, there are lesser priced versions that use 'cereal filler'.  It's good but you really want all meat.  Often the good versions will be called "chorizo fino" (meaning "FINE").  This one has pork, vinegar, spices salt and garlic and that's it.  All natural, no MSG, preservatives, or fillers.

Remove it from the casing and put into a skillet.

Cooked chorizo
We cook it until it's done, about 10 minutes.  It's much like cooking ground beef.  We add a little dried cilantro (or you can use parsley) to add some color.  Definitely no additional seasonings needed.  It's very flavorful.

Depending on the pork's fat content, you might have some residual grease.  If it's more than you'd like, just like ground beef, drain the chorizo before the next 
Eggs cooking in chorizo
To the cooked chorizo, we add 6 eggs and begin stirring  it gently to let the eggs cook into the chorizo.

Keep stirring it until...
Cooking eggs and chorizo get them looking just like scrambled eggs, only these are scrambled eggs with chorizo.
Chorizo and egg
All that's left to do is get some warm, soft flour tortillas, spoon some in, fold them or roll them up and enjoy.  You can have some salsa on the side or just eat as is.


  1. We squeeze lime juice and add pico de gallo very delicious!

  2. “Warm, soft tortillas” - ah, wonderful words. Your filling looks sooo good and it’s easy, too! Yum!

    1. Forgot to type in my name. Texas Rose


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