Sunday, September 11, 2022


Yesterday was...well, one of those days, ha.  More on that in upcoming posts.  Today we are relaxing, have some things to do in town but as we do most every Sunday, it's time for some good food and some Hobart.

Here's a meal we had the other night.  Roasted broccolini, rice with chopped jalapeños and chicken with sautéed red onions (made in 2nd Man's electric skillet).  It was delicious.  I love sautéed onions anytime but these were done in the pan with the chicken at the same time and using the red onions added a wonderful sweetness.  It was very good.

Hobart has spent the better part of the weekend sleeping, as cats (especially senior cats), so often do.  Here he is in one of his favorite weekend spots; in the dining room chair that we must push over to balcony window with his afghan carefully folded for his comfort.  Because...


And let us pause to remember that dark day that changed our nation.  Twenty one years ago today.
Where does the time go?


  1. Yes, it is definitely a time of both sadness and for remembering ... who can forget?
    Your meals always look so delicious and Hobart relaxed and happy!

  2. Another beautiful plate of food! Mmm!
    Hobart has y’all trained very well to always provide for his every comfort.
    September 11, 2001 - we will always remember and honor those who were lost.


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