Tuesday, September 27, 2022


The Zen Machine still isn't back.  They said they are busy this time of year.

They called Saturday to say that it's running fine they can't get it to recreate what it was doing to me.  So they asked me again what it was doing, I emailed a video that I took of it surging and slowing down and stopping and so we hope that will help them.

This is the last time I got to use it for the normal mowing time.  It's like when you take your car to a mechanic because it's making a strange noise and then when they check it out, it doesn't make the noise, ha.  They said they ran it for 20 minutes and nothing happened.  It kept running normally. 

Ironically, the thing I'm actually grateful for right now is that we don't have rain (see the forecast below) and it's not growing like it normally would.  We can't keep going this long without mowing.  We might ask them to just go ahead and tune it up like we have for beginning of the season and maybe that will fix it.  

 Here is the forecast from the past weekend through next weekend and Monday.  Sunny and clear.  We WILL get into the 50's a few nights, so at least that part will feel like Fall but still 80's and 90's during the day but there is no humidity so that will be refreshing.

Oh, saw some figs coming in on our new fig tree.  There are a few on another part of the tree as well.  It's doing great in its raised bed and putting on all sorts of new growth. It dropped all its leaves earlier in the Summer and we were worried but it bounced back and looks healthier than ever.


We know that we have many readers in Florida and several comment regularly.  Indeed, "Ma" that we bought the house and property from and her son that we bought the rest of the land from, both live in St. Petersburg and we're thinking of them as well.

We are sending our thoughts to Florida and we wish you all the best.  Evacuate if you need to and be safe!


  1. They may need to Grind the Valves.
    Roger had to have his done a year or 2 ago and it cost him right around $600.00 to have it done. Mower ran much better after that.

    1. Thanks for that, I will run it by the repair place. They did call and say they've run it through everything and can't replicate it. He thinks it was stale gas and they drained and flushed it and ran it for almost an hour and no issue. So fingers crossed, we'll see what happens.

  2. It sounds like it was bad gas. Maybe even had some moisture in it from condensation. Or got sludgy from sitting in the tank too long.
    When I opened the back door early this morning, I was shocked to feel cool air. Such a pleasant change!
    Glad your fig tree had a nice recovery - and is even producing some fruit.
    That looks like a beast of a hurricane! I feel for everyone that will be affected by it.

  3. Once, I took a car to the mechanic for a noise. It would not make the noise. So, I took it back with it making the noise and left the motor on and he climbed out of a truck to see what it was, but it quit making the noise. One day, I rode up in the cab of a rollback with the car on it. I asked if he could find out what was wrong now. He said--absolutely. I was describing the noise but he did not guess the alternator. So, the battery and something else was ruined. Good luck.

  4. The hurricane is coming to land about 100 miles south of me instead of a direct hit, that is good, but we will have heavy winds and 20 to 24 inches of rain they are saying. Lots of flooding and trees falling from the wet ground. I just had my two big oak trees trimmed a month ago so feel good about that. My son and son in law came and put plywood over my windows this morning before moving on to do about 6 or 7 more houses for older people.

  5. All of you living in Florida and those states that may be effected by hurricane Ian; Do Stay safe. Our thoughts, prayers are with you during this terrifying time.

  6. Ok so far. lots of wind and rain but the eye of the storm has not come on shore yet. Winds now are 170 MPH, but I am a little north of that. I have one tree down in my yard so far, but the ground is so wet it is hard for the trees to hold on, the roots system is soaked.


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