Tuesday, September 6, 2022


The county has recently put these signs up seemingly everywhere around the farm.

We're lucky on our property, we are on a high area (high relative to the areas around) so there is never a danger of the house flooding.  The yard will get very wet with standing water and the driveway too, but the house is on the highest point of the property.

Good thing because this was Saturday at the farm.  The red pin is the house.  This storm cell lasted about 2 hours over the area.  Between Friday, Saturday and part of Sunday, 2nd Family said we received a little over 4 inches of rain in their rain gauge.  Areas to the West got as much as 7 or 8 inches of rain.

The ground was wet enough that there was minor flooding of the yard.  2nd Family warned us the ground was very squishy and muddy so needless to say, there was no mowing and certainly no need to water the fruit trees and bushes.  We needed the rain.

This picture is NOT from this weekend, ha. This is a flood years ago (their front yard) at 2nd Family's house which butts up to the front end of our property (that's how we share part of the driveway).

2nd Family said that when their daughter was a baby, Dad needed to go to the store to get some diapers.  This photo was after one of our monsoon rains that we are known for in these parts and every single road around the farm (except one heading North) was completely flooded at some point along the path.  This was their yard and there was only one way out.

Now that they have put up these signs all around us, including that road going North, we're guessing we could be locked in by flooding at some future point.

All the more reason to be prepared and have all our supplies on hand.

Hope you all had a more productive weekend!


  1. That's a whole lot of water.
    Friday when our rain went through we received 5 inches plus (our gauge ran over)
    but didn't take long for the standing water to soak in.

  2. Lately, we have only received sprinkles each day as I think all the gully washers we have had in the last month are not so frequent. But, all around this area is flooding of some sort. The flooding is so scary. Stay safe and relatively dry!

  3. “Lotta water!” said Baby Duck! Wow, 4 inches - it looks like the sky just opened up and poured down rain at the Farm. It’s a good thing that the previous owner had the foresight to build on high ground.
    I got less than you - just half an inch.

  4. We live on a flat topped hill a mile from the nearest swap or river in either direction but we still have "floods". We have carefully engineered places for the water to go but all it takes is one low spot or a blocked pipe and trouble ensues. We got two inches of (much needed) rain on Monday afternoon and I was squishing around in my flipflops evaluating the trouble spots.


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