Monday, December 5, 2022


Christmas decorating is up and done.

We have a few new things this year.  

On this table, the rest of the year we keep a box with teabags in it and a dish with sweetener packets.  This year, I found a box to move the tea into and then this teddy bear Christmas dish.  The top lifts off and we keep the packets in there.

It's a nice change for the season.

The addition this year for 2022.  You may have seen the other two of these last year in our Christmas decor.

If you didn't, here they are all together.  This is from a popular/iconic Texas burger chain called Whataburger.  The chain is so popular, they have a whole online catalog of merchandise.  In 2019 they came out with the first one.  Then in 2020 they had a second.  Last year we ordered the 2021 version but due to supply chain issues, they cancelled the order.  This year they did have one and of course we had to get it.

Now the three of them adorn the front of the hutch in our dining room.  They fit so well here.  If we get any more nutcracker employees, we'll have to open up a franchise for them, ha!

And here is the tree up and in all its glory:

For those new to the blog, this tree was downstairs in our recycle area with a note on it saying "FREE!".  It's 9 feet tall and is pre-lit with LED lights.  The cool part is that if you push the button to turn it on, it's white.

Push it again and... changes to multi-colored.  We love it and it fits in this corner perfectly as we can see it from the kitchen, dining and living room.  The table isn't finished, have a runner we need to put down.

We decorate the tree with our collection of "Old World" style ornaments (glittery, sparkly, glass).  This year, we got to add some new ones.

A very sweet friend gave us this new ornament and we love it.  It's a wonderful sparkly red barn with a cow in front and other neat details.  It hangs next to the pig given to us by another dear friend who carried it back with her from overseas just for us.

They also gave us this beautiful pineapple, symbol of hospitality and welcoming.  We needed one for sure!

    We don't have a fireplace, so our stockings are always hung on the dining room hutch with care, ha.  This is where we usually put them, above where the nutcrackers are.  This year, we added these wonderful round metal ornaments.  They are made of a galvanized type of metal and each one has our initial on it.  We decided to hang them from the toe of each stocking.  SO cute!

More decorations in upcoming posts...


  1. I must have missed Hobarts sock. Has he been a bad kitty? How did he get his name.

    1. My first kitty was named Sydney. I always wanted to go to Australia and have been fascinated by the country and when I got a cat (I was single then), that just seemed good. Then 2nd Man and I found a tiny, abandoned kitten in the backyard and we decided that we should keep the Australia theme going and picked Brisbane. When we found Hobart a few years later (also abandoned as a kitten) we looked at a list of city names and if he had been female, the name was going to be Adelaide (Addie for short). But he was a boy, so we narrowed it down to Hobart or Melbourne. He just looked like a Hobart. And so here we are, 17 years later. :-)

    2. Hobart is a big name in restaurant equipment. It is of very good quality.

    3. Yes, we realized that after the fact. I guess we could say he was named after the commercial mixer, too, ha.

  2. I love your decorations, especially the glass ornaments that are timeless and beautiful. At first glance I thought I was seeing a University of Tennessee football nutcracker, BIG ORANGE, lol. Your tree is stunning, and to think someone had discarded it, their loss was surely your gain. Thank you for sharing your beauty.

  3. All of your decorations are beautiful. The tree is gorgeous. What a great find.

  4. You tree is beautiful!! What a gorgeous home for the holidays!

  5. everything is so pretty! i don't even know if i will have time to put a tree up this year. this move is doing me in!

  6. That is one beautiful tree.
    With the lights and them glass ornaments, I bet it really sparkles in person with just the tree lights on and the rest of your other lights shut off in your apartment.
    Your fat Santa stocking holder looks so jolly. Like the snowman holder as well.
    Lovely hutch for displaying your beautiful dinnerware.
    Everything looks so festive.
    Enjoy your evening

  7. I agree ... your tree and decorations are very nice! I would like to see a better picture of your China ... from what I can see here ... it is a beautiful set.

  8. I love the free tree and the glass ornaments. I thought it was a Tennessee nutcracker then Texas until I read. I had a Whataburger last month. It is the largest burger I have ever seen! I really want to go to Australia, too. Love your choice of cat names.

  9. Beautiful! I love how you have special, meaningful decorations. Your free tree is gorgeous!

  10. Just beautiful. Being Texas born and now settled and at home in Abilene you would think I would have know that Whataburger had a shop. But, we live and learn and then follow through with the spending of money. Now, and this is not in any way meant to be a "Debbie downer", but this posting brought tears to my eyes. Robert and I had 46 amazing Christmas celebrations together and now it is just me and my little Timmy the Terrier. So many memories, all of them good. And the tears were because of happy memories. So, Christmas wishes to the two of you for this and many more to come.


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