Sunday, November 12, 2023


Today are a couple more errands, including a Costco run (that's always fun!).  If you saw the post yesterday, we were out running other errands and came home to make dinner.

When we got back, I helped 2nd Man make one of our favorite meals; meatloaf, mashed potatoes and roasted broccolini.  It was so good.  This was my plate, 2nd Man always lets me have the first end piece.

With the time change last weekend, Hobart is still not used to the feeding schedule.  Every afternoon, about 4pm, when he "feels" like it's really 5pm, he sits somewhere that he can see us to remind us that he needs to be fed.  We push it as long as we can but usually just split the difference.  Because...



  1. Meal looks delicious.
    We just finished off our meatloaf along with the brown sugar Bacon wrapped asparagus and homemade home fries.
    Enjoy your day

    1. Sometimes I like to change things up a bit. I will make meatloaf in 9x9 pan or make individual using muffin pan or will use my brownie pan. Even a Bundt pan makes for a nice meatloaf 'cake'.
      By the way; I also like them end pieces. ( I will slice as thick as possible so that I get myself a nice Big end piece.) Me being greedy when it comes to the meatloaf ends............Never. :)

  2. One of my favorite comfort food meals and yours looks delicious!! Hobart is always so handsome.

  3. that looks sooo good!

  4. Your meatloaf always has me thinking I should make one ... just for me! LOL
    How do you convince a cat they aren't going to starve? You don't!!

  5. I agree with Hobart, dinnertime is dinnertime! Now, I am hungry!

  6. Mr. Hobart is such a handsome boy! 😻 Judy in CA

  7. Your meatloaf meal looks sooo delicious!
    Poor Hobart! It takes a while to adjust to the time change.
    It’s been a lovely rainy afternoon. Perfect for relaxing/napping - and making gardens and flowers happy.


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