Tuesday, November 28, 2023


It was a long weekend but a bit cool.  Better than the weekend before of course.  Cloudy but nice.  It was time to mow one last time.  

I probably could have skipped it but thankfully, it was an easy mow...

...and it looks so much neater and cleaner, just in time for Winter, ha. We also have someone coming by this weekend to check out some things and we want it to look a little neater.

It was a fairly normal mow, distance wise and was a bit quicker, mainly because the grass was not very tall. It was more those stray long blades of grass and Winter weeds.  Better to just be done with it for the year.

Since the weather was nice and I had a wild hair, I went ahead and cleaned up the orchard area.  One of those things you put off till you just finally need to to it.  So I edged, used the electric mower between the beds and then rode the Zen Machine through to blow/chop/clean up the clippings from the first part.  Nice and neat and ready to go to sleep for Winter.

This is probably a boring post but tomorrow will be a fun one for all you Hobart fans, ha.

Update: Had some connection problems so post will be tomorrow.


  1. Looking good as always.
    We are done mowing but need to do just a little trimming with weed eater in couple of days. Just eating up the taller weeds that come up around the raised beds, along the walk path, etc.
    Your posts are never boring. Enjoying reading them all.
    Will be looking forward to your tomorrow's post.
    Enjoy your day and have a wonderful evening.

  2. Everything looks so nice and neat. All ready for a long winter’s nap!

  3. Since we have had no rain for almost two months, our last mowing was a month or so ago, not December as it usually is here.
    Practical Parsimony


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