Friday, March 29, 2024


 Between 2nd Man, coworkers and friends, I had a good birthday week.

The inside of the card is at the end of this post.

I love getting useful stuff.  Of course a new bag to carry stuff to the farm or in and out at work and that would be a Buc-ees bag (it's a Texas institution, ha).  The chicken is a night light that has an egg that lights up.  This stand device is for when I'm filling bags for the freezer prep I often do, it holds the bags open.  Silicone spoon/spatulas for getting the last bit out of jar,  Really cool.  And then something I had always wanted, herb scissors (with cleaning tools) so you can cut/mince herbs quickly and easily.

Looks like I have a head start on a farm truck for the 4th of July decorations, ha.  The other one is a shiny galvanized metal truck.

How about two bee hotels??  Too cool.  These will be really fun to try and see if we get some bees (these are for bumblebees, solitary bees, carpenter bees, not honey bees).  I've always wanted to try this project.

And here is the inside of the card, my coworkers wanted ti to be a celebration of me having my birthday after the end of the year's unfortunate event, ha.  Very sweet and they all wrote very nice things for me.



  1. I need those long, skinny spatulas and cannot find any. Where did those come from? It looks like you had a great birthday.

  2. Lots of cool handy things! I never heard of a honeybee hotel but it looks like a fun way to help Mother Nature. What a special birthday card from your co-workers!

  3. Carpenter bees have moved into our backyard fence. They create holes every year in the posts, on the side that faces the actual fence, so I can't reach in there with a killer spray and spray them. Carpenter bees are slow flying, but not desirable neighbors.

  4. You received some wonderful; useful items for your birthday..
    Anyone who would like to build your own honeybee hotels;

    In the instructions they used milk carton but I have used an empty washed out vegetable can and painted just the outside. Bees are more attracted to certain colors; violet, blue, green and yellow.
    But they can’t see shades of red and orange. Bees love bright colors and are very much attracted by them.
    bees are more attracted to certain colors;
    violet, blue, green and yellow.
    But they can’t see shades of red, orange and white.

    Beekeepers always wear white clothes because bees do not notice this color due to their visual spectrum. Bees are least attracted to this colors. Thus, it reduces the chances to be stung by bees.

    Bees became aggressive around dark colors

    1. REALLY, you should cite your sources.

    2. Actually I have had this information in my garden folder so don't remember where I got information from. Some probably on line somewhere and a bit information from a friend.

  5. Pleased to read you had a good birthday as I feel birthdays are important and should be enjoyed

  6. Late Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had a good week of it. I've never heard of White Velvet cake, then again IMHO Red Velvet is highly over-rated. Give me any other flavor except banana any day.
    I NEED those jar emptying spatulas!

  7. My dad used to take a maybe 6x6" chunk of wood and drill rows of holes in it for bees. This was before bee keeping of any sort was popular .. he grew up on a farm. Probably learned it from his dad.
    Happy Birthday ... better late than never!!


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