Sunday, March 31, 2024


Happy Sunday and Happy Easter.  Will have a post tomorrow with the Easter stuff because today we are having our herbs de Provence pork loin roast for our Easter dinner...but it's cooking now, so no pics yet, ha.

So, here's a healthy "breakfast for dinner"...

Egg white omelet with grilled veggies (mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, fat free cheddar), topped with avocado and whole wheat muffins and fresh fruit on the side!  Healthy food is good!

Here is Hobart, doing what he does best on Easter, laying in his chair, in his spot, on his Afghan soaking up the sunshine and recharging his solar batteries or something.  We allow it.  Because...



  1. As always, your breakfast looks delicious and good enough to eat! I had a little container of CarbMaster yogurt!
    Getting ready to pop a loaf of bread 🍞 into the oven! Appropriate for Easter Sunday: It has risen! LOL

  2. That is a really beautiful breakfast! Y’all should write a heart-healthy cookbook. You not only make healthy meals, they are very appetizing and beautiful. We eat with our eyes first!
    Hobart looks very content on his blankie, soaking up the sun.
    Wishing you three a very Happy Easter!🐰🐣🐇

  3. It all looks delicious and good for a body. Why no yolks? The don't add cholesterol to our body. Hobart looks content!

  4. Nice breakie. I just had boring old toast this morning, which I ate only half of but I did have an egg flip with yogurt as well

  5. Have a nice Easter , and for Hobart too....

  6. Happy belated Easter.
    Nice Easter Brunch you have there.
    Hobart found himself a nice sunny spot to go to sleep at.
    Have a great day


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