Monday, April 1, 2024


Here is our Easter basket for two!

With our new dietary life, we limit chocolate but the cardiac nutritionist said really dark chocolate does have health benefits, and of course, moderation is key.  So, we allow ourselves one small piece on occasion.  This will keep us for a while.  The golden eggs I found a few weeks ago, one has dark chocolate bars (varying flavors) and the other has a bag of Jelly Belly jelly beans for me (along with those gummy bunnies).

2nd Man got this for's a silicone mold for either chocolates or small could even fill it with water to make fun ice cubes.

I saw these plastic eggs at the store and normally, I might pass them by since most are just generic, solid color plastic eggs, but these were different.  Some lovely colors (different than the standard, yellow, dark green, etc) but the colors weren't the only thing that caught my eye...the beautiful decorations on them did as well.  Almost a Middle Eastern or maybe Spanish influence to them.  Too cool to pass up.

And sure enough, when put in one of our apothecary jars, they look amazing for Easter decor!

And lastly, these are some Easter themed (more or less, ha) dish towels we found and they are fun.  The chicken one is a set of two, then there are carrots, of course for the Easter Bunny, right?

Here was our Easter dinner.  One of my favorites and it's healthy.  A lean cut of pork loin, roasted with Herbs de Provence, baked mashed sweet potatoes with garlic and a side of peas.  Oh, and a glass of pinot grigio.

It was a great weekend and we hope you all had a great Easter weekend as well!


  1. You can also find a Jello jigglers recipe and make Jello in the molds. Jigglers are basically Jello with less water, making them firm yet jiggly. The towels are sooo cute.

  2. Nice Easter stuff maybe next year I will put more effort into Easter but with no small kids I usually can't be bothered.

  3. I love all of your Easter items! Mmm, dark chocolate - and it’s even heart-healthy! The molds would make so many cute things. I like the idea of Carrot Cake mini-cakes.
    The patterned plastic eggs were a real find. They look like the traditional decorated Easter eggs created in Central and Eastern Europe. I like how you have them displayed in the tall glass so you can see the beauty of each egg.
    And another beautiful yet healthy meal!

  4. What cute and useful items along with a great looking meal.
    I have plastic eggs that open up long ways instead of around the center and use them for making Easter egg Rice Krispie treats or making candy deviled eggs; using melted white chocolate and dyeing the center 'yolk' yellow. (you do know that the wicked chickens lay the deviled eggs.) :)
    Enjoy the rest of the week.


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