Tuesday, April 23, 2024


This past weekend was a bit of a washout.  Saturday we had an appointment that we couldn't miss (it was a good one, more on that in a future post) and so my plan was to go out on Sunday.  But as we left our appointment Saturday afternoon, it was getting darker and darker and sure enough, the rains came...

...this was the radar at the farm at midnight Saturday  when the storms in Houston woke us up.  2nd Family said that we got about 2 inches of rain and on Sunday it was standing water.  So no need to go mow and I took the break and made myself useful, ha.  I decided to put some stuff up for future use.

First up, really loved the quick pickled onions that I've been making.

I got out some jars and put all the ingredients in.

Now they are ready to go for use over the next couple of weeks in our meals (and snacks!)

I went to Costco at lunch the other day to buy some things and picked up a couple of their famous rotisserie chickens (huge, delicious and only $4.99!).  I took the meat off and made a few bags for the freezer.

I divide them into about 2 well packed cups each and one chicken gives us...

...three bags for future use!

Also picked up a bunch of zucchini and yellow squash at the farmers market last week so I sliced them up, froze them individually while laid out on a sheet pan and then mixed them up and vacuum sealed them for future use.

Our local grocery store had pork loins for 99 cents a pound.  That's too good a deal to pass by. This was an 9 pound loin so it was $8.91.

After slicing it up, we ended up with two pork loin roasts and six thick cut pork chops.  That's five meals for us, seven actually since we eat the pork roast over a couple of days.

Rainy days are productive!


  1. Don't know what I would do without my vacuum sealers machines.
    When I buy in bulk I also divide up and seal for future use. Now, if only I can remember to take something out of the freezer the day / night before.
    Have a great day and enjoy your evening

  2. If you are watching your diet for your heart, you should not be eating meat made by stores. Do you know all the chemicals and stuff they put in it? My husband works in the Cath Lab so my info is good.

  3. Agree with lady above. But, I imagine you mix up the pork with poultry so that you are not eating so much pork. The deli chicken probably is less harmful than other meats. But, I try not to eat too much prepared meat.

  4. I remember when rotisserie chickens were $4.99! Such a great, quick meal to pick up when I hadn't had anything planned. Now those little buggers are $7.50

  5. Good for you!

    Those Costco rotisserie chickens are great. I also take the carcass and all the leftover bits and bobs, even the skin, and throw them in the slow cooker with a rough chopped onion, carrot, celery, a dozen pepper corns and a bay leaf or two. Sometimes parsley stems, you get the idea but NO SALT. Cook several hours - I usually cook mine overnight. Strain and defat. I use my gravy separator to defat mine … and, voila! Chicken stock! It can be pressure canned or frozen.

    Everything but the cluck baby!

    Take care, Katie C.

  6. Well, I think you did great ... putting up food for future use saves time for 2nd Man if he is the main cook! Makes it all "grab and go" with you both working and meals need to be made!

  7. You got some good deals on several items. So smart to do some prep to make future meals convenient. The pickled onions look delicious!


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