Friday, April 19, 2024


Found these the other day at a store...

These great bottles!  They are super clear glass and have nice, tight-fitting caps. They are also food grade which will be good because I'm already thinking of perhaps using one to make a LARGE bottle of homemade vanilla extract.  Then we can pour it out and create lots of little jars to use as gifts and/or sell at a farmers' market that is held near the farm.

I'm sure there are many other ideas for using them.  I bought two and then went back the next day and got a third one, three always seems a good number for some reason, ha.


  1. Those will be useful. I love the cool background, very artsy.

  2. Two weeks since you received your full clearance - and progress on the new dwelling? Nada. Sorry to be a grouch, Roderick

  3. Those are beautiful bottles! Great idea about using one for making vanilla.
    They might also be good for making herb infused olive oil or vinegar.

  4. Nice size jars. Great for any uses.
    Like the Houston skyline background photo.
    Enjoy your day and have a Wonderful weekend.

  5. Oh those would be AWESOME for our Glogg. We are always repurposing liquor bottles but nowadays companies are either switching to plastic or used fired on labels on their glass.


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