Thursday, April 11, 2024


We haven't posted any trail cam photos because honestly, we hadn't had much happening for a few months.  Maybe it was Winter and now that Spring is here, there is more activity.

Pulled the card last weekend and, well, these three were pretty interesting...

This was taken on 3/25 at 7:26pm.
Four deer strolling through the front yard...

This was taken on 3/26 at 7:27pm.
More deer (or the same), strolling through the front yard again...

This was taken on 3/27 at 7:29pm.
Deer again strolling through the front yard...

All of these on three consecutive nights at almost the exact same time, within minutes of each other!  7:26, 7:27, and 7:29!  That's crazy!  Interesting to see how much of a routine they have.

There were no others before and no others after.  Not sure where they went or what they were doing but they were apparently on a schedule!  Ha!

Fascinating creatures for sure!


  1. I do enjoy seeing your trail cam photos.
    Thanks 4 sharing them.
    Have a great day and enjoy your evening along with upcoming weekend.
    Windy here and just a bit chilly

  2. The deer were having their suppertime stroll through the Country Buffet!

  3. Maybe they have a bus or train to catch and are staying on schedule.

  4. Great photos. We have kangaroos visit us every night, and sometimes during the day. They love EATING our front lawn🦘🦘🦘

  5. Your lucky! We see deer down in our hollow that do come close once in a blue moon, but we get coyotes all the time that tear right through our yards. We are always on guard to protect our chickens.

  6. It’s amazing how the deer have an inner sense of time.


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