Wednesday, April 17, 2024


Look at Bill the truck earning his keep, ha!

We picked these up recently, they are called Sweet Almond bush...scientific name Aloysia Virgata.  Another name is Almond Verbena and another is Incense bush.  There's a reason for that.  They have an incredible scent.  Very strong but wonderful.  They bloom for months on end throughout the heat of the Summer.

I bought three as they are going to be planted along the driveway, in-between the existing purple vitex (Texas Lilac) already there.  We have four of those so we figured one in between each will make the driveway have purple and white bushes from one end to the other.  The purple flowers of the Texas Lilac look very similar to these flowers.

And hey, look at the new wheelbarrow getting a workout, ha!

They are on the porch for now (not on the railing, this was for the picture, ha).  They won't be in the ground just yet, need to mow and use the weed whacker in the areas where they will be planted and then get the auger machine to create the holes.  That will happen in a couple of weeks.

They are already in bloom, and we wish we could describe the smell.  It's sweet and kind of like honey in a way.  I have heard it described as almonds and vanilla, and I guess it does remind some people of incense, that's probably why that name stuck.  Smelling the scent on the breeze will be wonderful and they'll add some color.  That's a win/win in our book!


  1. The Almond bushes / shrub that I have seen have pink flowers. Might be a different variety of Almond.
    You are right about the smell / scent; it's wonderful
    Enjoy your day

  2. Wouldn't it be nice if they had almonds?

    1. They do produce almonds, but it takes them several months for them to mature; ; plus the trees are subject to frost, freezing temperatures so would have to be wrapped during the cold, winter months which is why they are grown in the much warmer, non-freezing states; certain zone areas.

  3. I hope it grows well, I love almonds, just thought I would toss that in here

  4. We need smell-a-vision so we can enjoy the aroma of all the Spring blooms!

  5. Wow! Beautiful scent and also beautiful blooms!

  6. Sounds like will attract bees for your hives once they are up and running!!


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