Thursday, August 2, 2012


Photo courtesy of: Bluebird Farm
I love a red barn (and that is a must have on our farm list) and this is what I like along with it, big plants and flowers and gardens.

This kind of design makes me want to wander around and explore the yard and that's what I want for our farm.  It's a multi year plan for us of course and we're only just now beginning, but in the end, if we could come up with something close to this, I'd be very happy.

Today is my blog day off, so enjoy your day and I'll see you back here tomorrow morning with something funny to start your Friday.


  1. I agree ! A red barn with big plants and flowers growing all around - is beautiful !

  2. I would be happy too - it's beautiful.

  3. Why are barns red in the US? Never understood that. I saw lots when I was there but no one could seem to tell me why barns are always red. Beautiful pic though. I wish I wish I wish I lived on a flat piece of ground and have that!

  4. You MUST STOP taking day's off!!!!!! I insist!!!!! Your blog is the first thing I read every morning and I miss it terribly when you don't blog. Your pics are really cool and. . . . and . . . . stop taking off.


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