Sunday, August 19, 2012


Vintage food poster courtesy of:  US National Archives
Here is a pretty neat poster from WWI and what an unusual message it has.

In the first World War, the United States set up an agency that was called the "Food Administration".  Not to be confused with the more modern FDA, this particular agency was created to be responsible for the food reserves of the allies during the war.

Of course, since a primary concern was conservation of resources, more specifically food resources, in this poster, they reminded people to "eat more fish".  Because "they feed themselves", ultimately, it helped save the food that was grown on land to be used to support the war effort.  It was definitely an interesting message to say the least.

Hope you are having a great weekend.  We have had a wet and rainy one so far with more in the forecast for today.  Rain is nice but how about during the week while at work so we can have a productive weekend?  Ha.  

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jambaloney said...

i have seen a lot of old war posters from a variety of countries.. ts one is different - a really cool concept!

rainy days mean cleaning inside - rats ;-))