Thursday, August 30, 2012


White picnic table photo courtesy of:
This is something I've always wanted...a picnic table.

Maybe it's about how simple they are and how they invoke the feeling of family and camaraderie.  But not just any color, I always thought a white/whitewash one would be particularly nice against the green of grass and trees.  It just needed to be in the right place.  Our backyard in town is just too small to have picnic table in without it looking out of place so something like this was on the "someday" list.  

Now we have the farm property and there is this great meadow area that I "discovered" while mowing the trails that I think would be a great spot for just a simple white picnic table.  It might not exactly look like this view, but it will be pretty.  All I need is the picnic table.  And the basket of course!

Blog day off, see you back here tomorrow.


  1. We have always had picnic tables and you are so right. I always liked the camaraderie of eating as a family outside and "lining" up along each side, facing eachother.

    I am such a fan of them that I purchased one when my kids were small - it was just their size and made by a local wood crafter. 20 years later it is still holding court on our deck, waiting for grandkids I suppose. :D In fact we used to move it indoors for the holidays for the kids to sit at - the "kids" table and all the adults wanted to sit there too. With 5 kids they were out of luck. heehee

    I hope you find a really nice one that lasts long and brings you many happy times.

    1. My only comment on this post. I thought maybe no one else liked picnic benches, ha. What a great memory you have (and STILL have). It's funny how they do sort of bring out the kid in all of us huh? Thank you for the very sweet comment. When we get one, whatever color and wherever it ends up, you'll see it here as it happens! Thank you again!

  2. Ooo! And that's a really nice picnic table! Round peg top legs, very vintage-antique-y. And I love the white! So clean looking. A red check table runner & candelabra and you're all set! It would look great in that Picnic Spot on the Farm.


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