Friday, August 17, 2012


Saw these funny garden related quotes and thought I'd share;

"Annual" means disappointment just once a year

Your lawn is always bigger than your desire to mow it.

Whichever garden tool you want is always at the back of the shed.

The only way to ensure rain is to give your garden a good soaking.

Weeds grow at precisely the rate you pull them out.

Nothing ever looks like it does on the seed packet.

Autumn follows Summer, Winter follows Autumn, drought follows planting.

One way to guarantee some color year round is to buy a garden gnome.

However bare the lawn, grass will appear in the cracks between the paving stones.  

Evergreens go a funny shade of brown in the Winter.


  1. love it! especially this one: Nothing ever looks like it does on the seed packet - it's so true!

  2. Agree with all of them, except one. In England, slugs follow planting. And if they don't it will be mice.

  3. True True and TRUE! Still laughing!

  4. LOL, how true! I have a couple of garden gnomes ;-)

  5. I laughed quite a bit at these! I especially like the one about garden gnomes.


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