Friday, August 10, 2012


Yesterday was the arrival of more seeds from the SEEDS OF THE MONTH club.

For this batch, I received three vegetables and an herb:

Dill, "Mammoth Long Island"
Spinach, "Bloomsdale Long Standing"
Radish, "China Rose"
Carrot, "Chantenay Red Core"

As always, I like to share and put these varieties out there to you all and ask for tips, suggestions.  Next Spring (or this Fall) when I plant them, I can look back on the blog and see what ideas you all had for me and put them to good use.

Until then, I'll put them into my SEED STORAGE VAULT with all the others and await their planting time.


Jenny said...

Good selection and definitely useful. And you can plant it all this fall too :)

2 Tramps said...

We just planted our fall crop of the Chantenay carrots and they germinated quickly. We are also planting the same spinach this weekend.

Anonymous said...

We grow chantenay carrots and we love them. That should be a nice addition to your garden. Can't wait to watch them grow!

1st Man said...

Really? Wow I better get busy soon. I slacked off in the garden area prep because of the dog days of Summer and figured I'd start up in late September when it cools down.

1st Man said...

I think we're too hot here now to plant any seeds but I never thought about getting some fall crops in. As I said above, I slacked off on the garden area prep, but i'll get busy soon. :-)

1st Man said...

I googled chantenay and they seem to be very popular! Thanks for the insight, I hope I make them worthy of their reputation, ha.