Saturday, April 27, 2013


Off to the farm today.  And we have news.  The fence is done!

Woo hoo!  I have to mow inside of it where the raised beds are and edge around them, then it will be ready for it's photo session.

I've also got all the herbs and veggies I need to get in the beds.  I've been babying them along at home in town while the fence was being built, leaving them in small reused black containers (the ones I grew from seed).  Of course I also have the ones that I bought at this awesome feed store near us that sells only heirloom plants.  So excited. 

My only issue this weekend could be fighting the rain.  There is rain in our forecast today, scattered, more widespread tomorrow.
If I get rained out, I'm going to be disappointed.

Until then, enjoy this picture I snapped last weekend after I mowed.  This birdbath was left behind by "Ma" when she moved and it sits under a mesquite tree.  In the background you can see one of the citrus trees I planted.

Don't forget to enter the cookbook giveaway, it ends next week.

Hope you have a great weekend, updates later and of course I'll catch up with your comments and reply to them as well!

Update:  Foiled by the weather, see HERE


Mary Ann said...

How green and serene your place looks!

1st Man said...

Thanks, it's definitely green and yes, serene is a good word too. :-)